Saturday, 13 December 2014

scream if you want to get colder

So with the Borders XC tomorrow we opted for a beach run and plunge today. The weather was supposed to be sunshiny but the best of it was behind us by the time we got out the car. I had thought that some snowy photos in the Pentlands might be the thing (and a bit of C5 training) but Mary was keen to keep her submergathon going. I have missed a couple of swims and was not all that keen. In fact I was dreading it and didn't even name it while we were running - just referring to it as that bad business afterwards.

Mary with her new waterproof camera.

Selfies in the mirror at Gullane public toilets.

It was pretty cold today and took a bit of effort to climb out of warm jackets, get going and get warmed up.

I didn't mind missing out on the Pentlands today when we saw them looking a bit grey, and the wind would have been very chilling.

The beach had a barren deserted feel.

a small but slightly horrifying thing washed up

some louts left their party litter in the car park

long sleeves and tights, gloves (2 pairs) and hat against the cold

We tried stalling but eventually it was time to get changed and do the bad thing. We had discussed possible mental attitudes. Was it possible to fool your senses by wandering into the water and making a face like the water was too warm? What did that face look like and would it wash? 

 a warm up in preparation

 its-too-warm face

I found the best way to embrace the cold was quite a lot of shouting. "FACE INTO THE WAVES FACE INTO THE WAVES" and then jump forward and down like a weightlifter into and through the oncoming wave, repeat getting louder until the cold stops your mouth working right. Swam a few strokes but it wasn't long until feet, face and hands were numb and we had to get out and run up and down the beach. Feet should have been colder than hands but it was the cold wind on thin wet gloves that was as bad if not worse than the water temperature. There was quite a bit of fun and jumping about. Not much swimming.

As always the worst is back at the car getting changed, with fumbling numb fingers all thumbs and struggling to get bootees and wet suit legs over feet. Eventually we are back in warm dry clothes but it takes half the journey home before feet and hands thaw out. Mary stopped off at Tesco's to fulfill a vision she had of ham and dutch cheese toasties, which along with hot pasta soup did a massive amount to restore us. I didn't take my jacket and hat off for the rest of the afternoon. Great fun though.

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