Friday, 26 December 2014

boxing day run

Talking of Christmas Crabs, for ten points where is this mural?
Answer at the bottom of the page.

Graham traditionally leads us astray in the Pentlands on Boxing Day but due to the new drink driving laws and the route we plan to do on the 28th, Graham decided we should meet at the Commie Pool and do something on urban trails today.

This was yesterday - 2 puddings; the cheesecake just edged ahead in terms of taste, but the glass of vanilla panna cotta and jelly was a visual treat. Top chefing Sue B! That and a load of drinks meant running today was obligatory.

I was first to arrive at the Pool at 8.57 and worried nobody else would show. However Paul (who has made every Boxing Day run) was next to turn up. This was mainly due to me emailing him last night, which he picked up this morning shortly before setting off to the traditional venue near the pentlands. Whew!

Graham was late (by a whole minute) because the padlock was frozen on his ma's shed (in which was his bike.) He went back up for a kettle rather than use his own hot water.

Steve arrived next bringing the total up to 4.

Graham had us run round Hunter's Bog then up to the summit while he worked out today's route. I had a Plan B 18 miler up my sleeve in case, however Graham had us head in a not so straight line towards the Braids, always keeping an eye out for alleys and lanes, down backstreets and off-the-beaten-track.

Typical was this path down to Duddingston off Arthur's Seat...

which took us to this war memorial for today's Baby Bronze. 
Mary and I were just saying yesterday how that daft phrase has been adopted into the Tynecastle Bronze regime describing a less-than-30mile outing. Thanks Paul for taking the photo.

The playing fields at Duddingston were covered in frost. Interesting how some areas were thick with frost and others not so. It made for pleasant scenery, and nicer when the sun was out.

From Duddingston over towards the Hermitage and Braids.

Hebridean sheep apparently

The observatory at Blackford

There was quite a fog lying up the Forth valley

This was the view from the Braids looking to Blackford Hill with Salisbury Crags behind.

Blackford Pond

Back to the Commie where Paul provided drinks and mince/raspberry/lemon pies

Just over 17 miles in a figure of 8 starting at the top then going straight up Leith Walk, round the bottom circuit clockwise then home down Easter Road.

And here is that mural featuring the crab - Halmyre Street, halfway between my flat and my brother's place

Next run is Sunday 9am from Regents Rd at the top of Jacobs Ladder to do the 7 Hills avec le Skyeline all welcome, do as little or much as you want, bring a bus fare and stuff to eat as it sounds quite long. Forecast is looking OUTSTANDING!

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