Thursday, 25 December 2014

christmas cracker

taps aff

Two days ago the forecast for xmas day was fab. Then yesterday they took that away. Then today after a grey start the sun came out on the drive along to Gullane and it turned into the fab day we had been promised. It really lifted my spirits which were a bit subdued after quite a lot of work and not much running and the hellish spiritual squalor of the run up to christmas. Lower case c. It is just a terrible time of the year. In the past I have put this down to my financial inadequacies at this time of the year however that not being the case this time I realise I have a deep set hatred of this epi-centre of materialism and the pretence we are celebrating something other than shopping and cheap sentiment, rich food and hangovers and precious little that will do us good. With a soundtrack of meretricious nursery rhyme earworms as pleasant (though less sophisticated than) the splashes of vomit peppering the streets. It is like the whole world is on stupid pills and if you don't play along and shove tinsel up your ass you are frowned upon.

Ok, rant over. I had a great Christmas actually. Capital C.  I got an unexpected present of a pair of Hokas - Cliftons -  from Santa (review in due course) and a lovely piece of cheese for my work sandwiches from Mary. The Cliftons, exceptionally light road shoes, and yet with plenty cushioning, have arrived just in time for the Promathon, and today was their inaugural run. 

It would have been appropriate to see three ships come sailing by but alas there were only 2. There were however three wise men (and a dug.)

We did a quick 4+ miles around the golf course and usual trails. While we were coming back along the beach we saw these 2 who had just come out the sea. So we are not the only ones. The sun was streaming through the trees in the woods and I was really enjoying being out and about in the bright weather, recharging my batteries.

Saw this chap who on closer inspection seems to have an unusually long top bill.

Next up; the submergathon. I was excited to try out some new kit I had invested in from "the DIVE Shop" (Edinburgh Diving Centre) Polwarth. Much thicker gloves, better socks and a thick balaclava type hood rather than swimhat. I was delighted to find they all worked very well and made it possible to stay in the water long enough to swim rather than just duck in and out. And hands and feet and head definitely less numb. And I wasn't stripping off with chattering teeth afterwards. However the face still gets mighty cold and if you dive in too quickly you get a flush of cold water parting your hair. And it was still possible to operate M's new waterproof camera with the rather massive new gloves, which worked well and stopped fingers going numb in minutes.

Mary relaxing in the sunshine.

despite the new kit it was still coolish

waving not drowning
After a short time with your face in the water you lose the power of speech.

We jumped in the Berlingo and headed back to Edinburgh and a marvellous meal at Neil and Sue's with their family. What a fab Christmas! Neil and the boys are planning a (non-wetsuit) immersion over the holidays which should be fun. Watch this space.


  1. Hey Peter. Looks like a grand day out. I was in the other camp, overindulging. My paltry jog round Dalkeith country park was a bit lame really but at least I didn't twist my ankle again. Let's catch up soon.

  2. Hey Mandy!
    Didn't realise you were in town - thought you would be down South. Will let you know when my bro and his sons are going to make a splash at Gullane - although you will prob hear the screams from Musselburgh.

    (New gloves, hood etc are the BIZ! Highly recommended. Gloves by typhoon, hood by fourth element)