Sunday, 10 November 2013

urban 20

David had proposed a 15miler today. We met at Holyrood car park at 9.30

Left home at 9.20

Shelagh and John were up and out early.

We were five today - Mel, David, Andrew, Martin and myself.
Martin turned off early as he required less distance.

Our spiritual home.

On to the prom then a left turn along to Leith Links

There were patches of frost where the sun hadn't touched the ground.

The Leith Police dismisseth us.

Next Porties were Ellie and Gavin along the cycle path.

Not enough light for good photos so I took several bad photos

Then Ruth and Jenni who had worked out how to run past 95% of the club during a Sunday run.

Then Ellie again - not sure how she did this without getting a taxi.

I like some of the accidents out the camera today.
At least there was plenty of light.

At the end of the cycle path we cut through Haymarket past some of the tram omnishambles.

Then past this Remembrance Day service. I wasn't sure what it was as there seemed to be some Hearts scarves as well. I was told by the security lady that it was the return of the clock which has been absent and a Hearts Remembrance Day crossover thing. She told me with a look that said "you should respect this because if it wasn't for the WW2 dead we would all be speaking German," without saying as much. "And perhaps have a better economy and higher standard of living," was what I wouldn't have replied. 

Up Morrison Street, through the Meadows and past the Commie Pool to Arthur's Seat. Andrew took the clockwise option while Mel, David and I went up and round anti-clockwise. Mel and I attacked the hill and ended up doing the 2 fastest miles of the day: just over 7mins and just under 6.

I'm sure this was Alex O. I shouted but he didn't hear.

Back in under 3 hrs

I did an extra bit down Easter Rd then home - to take the total up to 20.
Great outing, well done all!


  1. I don't want to be like one of these nags, but I think remembrance day is about WW1 not WW2!

  2. I believe remembrance day is about all the war dead since WW1 including Afghanistan etc., and you're right it was started to commemorate WW1. Yon security lady was blabbing on about WW2 and Hearts in an uninformed way which was why that stuck in my mind. All she needed to say was Remembrance Day and I would have got it but I think a combination of the cold and double time for a Sunday was blurring her vision.

    It's good that you don't want to be like one of these nags.