Friday, 29 November 2013


Mary had a little lame, I mean a sore leg. Seeing the weather looked better for today, Friday, than tomorrow, Saturday, I was brought bed-tea and the offer of a Gullane circuit. How could I refuse? I had finished the job Thursday and could put off the day's chores. The sun was shining - let's go!

We set off and I did my best not to ask M how was her leg - stiff above the knee with mystery injury - every 5 minutes. We ran down the JMW to Aberlady and across the bridge. When Mary suggested we go left towards the sub end of the beach I thought that was a good sign but breath was still held and fingers crossed.

high tide

As we turned the corner we saw the breaking waves beyond the wind swept beach and all seemed well with the world. The sky was blue, the sand orange and wind behind us. It was gusting with such strength I tucked my hat into my shorts before it was blown off. Mary disappeared down the beach at a healthy rate while I took photos. There was a bank of cloud building up in the west that looked in danger of spoiling the picturesque weather but somehow it kept down near the horizon and we had glorious visuals the whole run.

At Gullane Mary ran past the cut off and early return to the van. I gave her encouragement to turn back if the leg played up but she was anxious to do a few more miles and probably pushed her luck. We came off the beach towards Archerfields and made our way through the woods up to the road with an occasional walking break. M's leg was now giving her considerable jip and she was not pleased.

It did cheer us up to see AGH and Farmer Scott drive past in their van and meet us in Gullane. They had been out for a run (great to see Scott back in running kit with presumably a well enough ankle to run on,) and were on their way home. As we chatted going through Gullane a woman we didn't recognise, exclaimed she knew us from our blogs. Wow celebrity status or what? We were pleasantly astonished and forgot to say anything intelligent or much more than a garbled thanks, if even that. So thank you for reading the blogs, nice to meet you and your reward is to appear here...

We managed to restrain ourselves to just one cheese tongue each at Falkos, no easy ask. Then came home for soup and the whole weekend still ahead although Mary's leg is not best and in serious danger of blackening her mood.

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