Friday, 1 November 2013

awesome autumn

Keeping an eye on the weather, it looked like Tuesday would be a good day to head along to the Botanics. The gardens are so vibrant at this time of the year and there are loads of great photo opportunities especially if the sun comes out. It was cold but bright for a few hours around midday and it's the first time I have entirely drained the battery in the G3. I took around 500 photos and shot 10 minutes of video. I have since cropped and tweaked the photos in Photoshop and CameraBag2.

I had too many pics to put them all here so I have made a video (link below) and will do a couple of posts; plants now, and squirrels to follow shortly, early next week maybe. If you go along, wrap up well and take an extra battery for your camera. Also a bag of peanuts for the squirrels. The piece of art is Le Bateau Imaginaire by Franz West and Heimo Zobernig. What I liked most about it was the probably unintentional reflections of the water on the side of it, as seen in the video.

I got lucky with this shot in the Chinese Garden.

Click here to watch the video - turn up the sound and enjoy.
coming soon - the squirrels!

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