Sunday, 14 July 2013

Lammertime! 13/07/13

Another glorious weekend. Scotland seems curiously European as the sun continues to bake down. Mary felt we should go do some hills – some Lammer-hills. And so to Blinkbonny Woods and the 13 miler out to the windmills and back.

A walker set off just ahead of us. We are doing stretches in the car park and I am sorting out stuff. We carry bottles of juice and head off towards Lammerlaw, over the top then turn left. I am under strict orders not to chat to M on the climbs. Later on that order is extended to the downhills as well. We pass a few grouse and some rabbits but mostly the wildlife is indoors, out the heat. The hills seem tanned by the sun - the grasses reddened by the furnace. On the return journey we pass the walker who has kept up a good pace and covered 5+ of the 6.5 miles out by the time we have messed about at the windmills taking photos.

A relatively early start means back for mid afternoon and just time to get hosed down and brushed up for Ben and Alison's with Richard and Amanda. It is a splendid evening and Mary drives RD and AGH home. I, meanwhile, stay over for an early morning run with Ben. It's pretty much the only way to get a run with Ben other than cycle at 5.30am which I have done but it doesn't leave a lot in the tank for the run.  


  1. Stunning photos Peter, Ian and I want some Lammertime when we come over next month, please take us there.

  2. Of course. It will be great fun and Mary is finally getting some form back so should be fit enough - it's been a long road back but things seem to be on the improve at last.

    We have various length routes in the Lammermuirs from 8.5 miles to a potential marathon+ distance. 22 is the longest we've done and takes 4.5?hrs at chatting pace.

    Remind me when your Scotland dates are?! Sorry we can't promise to join you in the lake district - too much austerity going around! Depends on work etc.

  3. Lammertime! This is *still* making me larf. Lovely photos as usual. What camera do you use?

  4. Hi Mary,

    My compact is a Panasonic TZ7, although on this occasion I took the "big" camera which raises eyebrows as it is a bit larger than a pocket camera and I carry it on the tripod which looks cumbersome. (Mary calls it my bionic arm.) However the tripod keeps my sweaty mits off the Panasonic Lumix G3 ( a micro 4/3rds with interchangable lenses,) and it makes for a decent balance when holding the neck. Pics in the Lammermuirs benefitted from the bright light which makes the G3 very similar quality to a dslr but smaller. (In low light it's not so good but I tend to take the TZ7 out when there's more chance of rain.)

    Also I launder the pics through photoshop and cameraBag2. The better the photo the less I tweak it. CameraBag2 is like instagram but with more options. Except I tend to use just one filter process to warm the colour range, increase contrast and sometimes vignette. The G3 is probably not really portable for runs by most folks ideas, however I have managed 35 milers carrying it. It makes better hd quality video than a lot of the dslr's.

    I am considering a lens to replace the kit lens but it costs nearly twice the camera price which adds to the vulnerability factor and I suspect it is much heavier although as camera shops no longer exist I have to guess what it's like from the stats and reviews before stumping up the cash. It's a worry!