Thursday, 25 July 2013


I have been running most days, these days. I find my running gets blunted if I always do the same routes but have fallen into the habit of repeating a couple of runs to fill out the week. Wednesdays are either racing or club nights. (Or both.) I have been doing the General George route at least once a week as it is short - just over 4 miles - and often started at tempo pace increasing to race pace for the second half. Down to the links turn at the far end (past General George defunct carpet shop) back along Salamander St, up the Water of Leith and back up Macdonald Rd. I recently lowered the course pb from the high end of 25mins to the low end.

The other regular is Holyrood and Arthur's Seat. Usually a recovery run, often with the camera. Alternating with the General George run and club midweek. Depending on the weekend miles, this puts the average weekly mileage around 50~70 though I don't keep an exact record.

As I took this pic of Inchkeith from Hunter's Bog a pigeon flew past at just the exact moment.

I liked the look of these but wasn't terribly convinced wearing them. I think they are the answer to a problem I didn't require solved. They felt immediately like there was too much material between the toes, then they settled down but I usually wear socks with thicker cushioning on the soles and so they felt too thin.

I try to aim for specificity. If you're going to race a 10k, then go out and run hard for 6 miles. Or 8 miles, and then race day will be neither a surprise nor a funeral. I have the Tour of Fife approaching. 5 days of (short fast) racing; hence the daily grind currently. I still haven't arranged transport. Must look at the possibility of cycling from nearest train stations. A quick scan down the entry list suggest CAAC folk might be cornered for car sharing. I will keep an eye out for them on Sunday at Donkey Brae. Should be an interesting run as the weather is all over the place. Weather icons currently popular include a lightning bolt and the sun's rays coming out of a cartoon cloud.

watch out for getting fried

Running the General tonight (just over 26mins) I could feel the moisture being wrung out of me. It was a l-o-n-g and hideous day at work standing on tip toes on a ladder not-quite-tall-enough and painting walls and ceiling with solvent-based paint, a thing I avoid unless absolutely necessary. I left the building high on fumes and cycled home with the 5' steps strapped to my rucksack. I ran mainly to clear to the poison from my lungs and head. Feeling the sweat pour out I returned to normal. Being club last night (thanks WJ for yet another tough but great session) it should have been a recovery run. But I had to get it all out of my system. Deep breathing and profuse sweating, then a shower and I feel cleansed. Repaired.

up the infamous b path

Photos are from the glorious weather we got last week and recovery runs in Holyrood Pk, my favourite local stomping ground. Hope there is some more summer weather coming. Even if that was it, that was more - a lot more - than usual.

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