Friday, 5 July 2013

bro's new shoes

I phoned Neil, my brother to see if he wanted a Friday evening run round Holyrood. I probably enjoy our runs together more than he does because I inadvertently run at a pace just slightly above his usual, and he then has a struggle to do his normal run at a decent pace. Also I make him chat. No wonder then he rarely says YES, but tonight he came out and I talked too much and he found it tougher than his usual solo effort and was probably making a mental note not to do that again for a while!

Neil is a big fan of the Speedcross. Luckily I was wearing sunglasses.

Neil's running is often at the mercy of his work life, which can become frantic and all consuming. Otherwise he'd be along to the club on Wednesday evenings. He recently had over 50 days when running wasn't an option. Prior to that his training was really picking up. It can be difficult to return to a thing, to catch back up to where you left off, and yet the alternative of throwing in the towel is no option either. He is 2 years my senior and we were talking tonight of people we know around our age who are stuffed. Fit for nothing. Too much time spent chasing other stuff, usually money, too little attention to health and well being. And that no amount of money can buy you an extension. I don't mean in the back garden. Ask Mr Soprano.

It was a beautiful evening - warm and without the wind of last night. Arthur's Seat was hoaching with lots of tourists. I didn't really notice them or indeed the route Neil was taking us. It was his usual, involving long climbs up the crags and the summit and he runs it in around an hour. It made a great recovery run after last night's race and was just what I needed before what may well be the weekend of the Summer. Mary has put in a request for an early start and a longish run – my life is full and I am rich although I think I am still chatting too much.


  1. Nice post that Peter, i wish i could cycle with my brother more than just once every 5 years... i am free to cycle 24/7, Scot has so much on...
    I too can talk for Britain which does folks head in when on a massive climbs on hills or into strong winds on the coast!

    We need to do the `Coast running and cycling` thing soon -:)