Sunday, 30 June 2013

hill of beans


The forecast was good but the weather over the Pentlands was not. I wore sunglasses till we got there then took them off and put on a warmer top. Not that it was freezing although had I taken gloves I would have worn them. But there was a stiff breeze lowering the sultry city temperature and the smirr of rain collected on one's eyebrows. And after a while the high tops were losing their charm. I was glad we hadn't invited the smallish group waiting in the wings for an introductory skirmish over our favourite hills.

In the background, the day trippers from Motherwell.

We chatted to Gavin (Harmeny) in the car park. I think he got a better day out than we were about to. Then after a warm up round the Red Moss elevated walkway we headed up Beech Avenue and out to West Kip. The weather deteriorated as we climbed. Happily the gusty wind was behind us – we cheerfully hello-ed the walkers fighting their way towards us over the summits. I was glad I had taken a zip lock poly bag for the camera which kept the worst of the rain off it. We did the tops along to Carnethy then descended to the Howe. As we came down in height the colours returned and a bit of warmth from the sun. We passed for the second time a coach load from Motherwell. I think they probably got to Hare Hill then turned left down to the coffin rd where we met them, in the time we had been scampering along the ridge.

Some texture blowing in from the South.

I try not to take a symmetrical picture down the centre of Beech Avenue every time we run up or down but mostly fail. I am bound by my Libran nature to take this photo. It's just too has-to-be-done. I am also trying to wean myself off saying this picture would make a good jigsaw, with slightly more success. Instead I have swapped one auto-response for another: as we pass the tins of beans in the supermarket. Not that they would make a good jigsaw (well perhaps in an Andy Warhol sort of a way,) but here's the run up to it: We are in the supermarket looking at tins of beans. Haricot beans (the bean of choice for Baked Beans) are 62p a tin (in water and firming agent). Generic brand Baked Beans in tomato sauce are 32p. How can it cost 30p less to add tomato sauce? There is a point in the Bean Aisle where Mary can't bear the anticipation of the inevitable any longer and starts in on my bean conundrum speech because she has heard it too many times and would rather be the perpetrator than the victim.

As we run along the bit of road to the car park I suspect we will not be doing a final lap of the walkway. I would quite like to, but I am pretty sure Mary is not keen, windswept and tired. I slow slightly and turn round, knowing she knows what I am going to ask her. I do no more than raise an eyebrow and she smiles and shakes a tousled head; ok fair enough. Back to the van for a banana and drink then home. The sun shines brighter as we leave.

I have stopped asking Mary to run in the centre of the road.

Cillit Bang and the dirt is gone!

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