Saturday, 29 June 2013

flower power

Usual Gullane > Aberlady > Archerfields 10~12 miler today. The day was trying to break into blue skies and sunshine and nearly made it but latterly the clouds came out and on the way home there was spots of rain on the windscreen. Nice just to potter along with the G3 looking for photos and enjoying the warm breeze. There were swallows about but Mary was disappearing into the distance and I didn't want to lose visual contact so would get involved with pics then belt along for 5 or 6 mins to catch up. Good tempo and strides workout. Lots of pretty grasses and flowers. The tide was superlow and both min-subs were well out the water. Aberlady beach was rippled and wet - Gullane smooth. No idea how or why that works. Probably wind direction. Falkos have had their signage redone. No fat-tyred bike treads on the beaches today. Hills tomorrow?

yoga is really working out for me.

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  1. Beaches have been quiet with bikes of late Peter. I too have noticed the rippling and smoothness of the two beaches. Off down to Gullane today to soak up some coastal scenery -:)