Saturday, 1 June 2013

Forth – day of Summer 01/06/13

The forecast was big sunshine (though not hugely warm.) The fourth day of summery weather this year. And first day of June. (Soon the days will be getting shorter.) I emailed AGH late friday but she was booked and invited me along for a 7.15 start at the Braids for a 7 Hills Recce. I told Amanda not to wait if I wasn't prompt, which was a euphemism for not on your nelly.

With no races this weekend I wanted to do some longer miles but was happy to accept Mary's offer to drive us to Gullane and do the 10+ miles round the circuit there, visiting the mini-subs if the tide was out and ramping it up to 12miles.

The tide was very out and we cut left to the subs before following the beaches (some only accessible when the tide is at its lowest) and trails to Archerfields, heading inland and racing the road (half mara pace) back to Gullane. Resisted the call of the Superfry – it was only lunch time – and settled for sandwiches from the Co-op. Strangely some rain fell before the sun came back out for the evening.

A great joy to run alongside the sea pinks.

Good to give the proper camera an outing. A lack of dead things on the beach but lots of flowers and insects all about 3 or 4 weeks behind schedule. But equally enjoying the rays. Hopefully more of the same weather tomorrow, and we may venture to the Pentlands.

Not sure what's going on at this place in Aberlady but guessing it's Thomas's birthday.

Starfish on the beach.

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