Saturday, 4 May 2013

time off

The day started sunny with a following wind for the annual E2NB 20 mile road race. I was tempted. As I was tempted by Stuc a'Chroin, an intrepid hill race out of Strathyre, but entered neither. I have a slight cold this week, a small price to pay for the Fling. And the feeling I want to get back to racing. However I have fallen into that bearpit in the past and it inevitably ends in regret and recriminations about the 16 mile mark, wondering what possessed me to sign up for a long race before fully recovered. 

Richard as sweeper.

Andrew asked me to be lead bike again and I agreed. (I decided not to carry a camera and give myself far more work. Did that last year.) There was a feeling that not as many PRCers turned up to help marshal the race as perhaps could have. Come on folks its one of only a couple events we are involved with. We have over a hundred active members – you would think loads who run races throughout the year would be queuing up to return the goodwill. Other smaller clubs put on half a dozen cracking events every year and provide home-bakes afterwards. Maybe we can do something worthwhile for our new beach race next month?

E2NB did appear to go smoothly. I did have to slow down to accommodate the busy prom (while splitting the crowd) and the lead runner had to swerve in and out the dispersing masses, briefly overtaking me (oops), but that aside, we avoided any major dog lead / baby buggy incidents. At least at the tĂȘte de la course. I stopped at Joppa and watched the field pass by. Neil Renault (EAC) held first place and went on to set a new course record of 1.49.05. The Porty men came away with the team prize.

Meanwhile I had pedalled home, then we set off in the same direction to do the Gullane, Aberlady, Archerfields 10 miler. (With detours 12 miles.) (We overtook Richard who was E2NB back marker and having a long slow jog/walk to North Berwick. His knees were not thanking him.) We parked at Gullane and ran back towards Aberlady. Neither of us were feeling particularly great so we stopped off at the Aberlady shop to buy coffees and pain-au-chocolats for a bit of a lift. The dude behind the counter failed to get more than one coffee out the recently repaired machine. They would be better off with a kettle and jar of nescafe. As we were just about to set off again Phil and Katie pulled in on their bikes. As we were chatting AGH also appeared. What lovely coincidences, as we could have all missed by minutes and never known. We stood around blethering and getting cold, then set off on our respective journeys, AGH finishing her 21 miler, the bikers off to NB and to return into strong headwinds.

This should have put M in a better mood but she was still a bit tired and cranky. She finally perked up after a beautifully desolate Aberlady beach then a well timed low tide and some sandy bays out below the rocks. And Mary belting along enjoying the following gusts, leaping streams and doing headstands. The joy and release of running in a great location. Very positive therapy.

Jim McTaggart was out doing aerobatics

Tomorrow we plan to catch up with Ian Campbell HBT and his ascent of Everest in the Pentlands.
E2NB results here

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