Tuesday, 14 May 2013

New shoes 14/05/13

I have been feeling low for a couple of days. Mary says she often experienced this on the back of a few nightshifts. And the cold grey weather doesn't help. Getting paid for all that work didn't even raise my spirits quite as much as it should have so I tried some retail therapy with a trip to Run and Become. I had tokens as well, and I wondered if Adrian still had my cup-flask from the Fling. He did and happily had washed it out which was kind. He was a bit fried from being team manager at the 24hr thing in Holland at the weekend where the Scots girls did great things.

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Adrian had put the flask to one side with my MEDAL! I had fluked 2nd Scottish Athletics mv40 for the Fling, largely because some of those quicker were not paid up members. Nevertheless I was unduly pleased. It's ludicrous how an award improves one's outlook. I remember a handsome team prize changing a horrible Moray Marathon into a “well-that-wasn't-too-bad” event. I may even find myself back in Moray if I can forget the headwind. Its a while since I did a straight road marathon and wonder if can still find the hunger for a sub3? At the moment I feel more comfortable with longer events. Which was another reason I was at R&B today. (Imminent shorter events.)

A new pair of Inov8s: hill shoe of choice. There have been a few Salomons (Speedcross 3s) finding their way onto the hills, but I have been after a new pair of the yeller-and-black Inov8 300s since I saw them. Word of warning if you're going to buy a pair – especially online – I found my normal size 9.5 was strangely roomy at the toes. I tried a 9 and they were better. I tried on both pairs again wondering if a long sleep had somehow shrunk my feet and tomorrow I'd wake up and the new shoes would be too tight. However I was informed that Inov8 have changed the shape or sizing and most folk were going down a half size.

I didn't feel much like a run tonight but threw myself at Arthur's Seat having a couple of days off and a determination to up the weekly mileage now work was returning to normal. As with the first run in Rapa Nuis I went for a base-to-apex but was in a bit of a quandary about how hard to push with Gypsy Glen tomorrow evening. I'm hoping it was that, that had me a minute slower than last time I sprinted to the trig point. I can hardly blame the shoes. Though I was beginning to wonder about wearing my Hokas to Gypsy Glen. For the roady bits at the start and finish. (And they are lighter than the Inov8s!) And I can only remember smooth grassy hills. The Hokas would be fine going up though I might blacken a toenail or 2 on the descent if I go full speed. The Inov8s felt good going downhill tonight and I can only blame my lazy ass for the extra minute I lavished on the up hill. (Probably just tired.)

The sky was full of interesting photos and I ran about Whinny Hill taking some shots of town (wondering why I was so slow and fat) and the Forth before heading home. When I got home I stepped with trepidation onto the scales for the first time in ages but it wasn't far off fighting weight so I breathed easy. It is tempting to stay up late into the night making films and emailing old pals (as I don't have that much on tomorrow). One of the old pals, I have just contacted after about 30 years of silence and I am hoping to hook up with this summer to go with for a run and something of a catch up! However I must leave the vampire nights behind and return to the daylight hours as there are a number of clients impatiently drumming their fingers in unpainted rooms. For which I should be grateful.

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