Sunday, 21 April 2013

Gullo, Abbo, Archo. 20/04/13

Saturday, and opted for possibly our favourite weekend run: park the van at Gullane, run down the JM trail over the wall from the golf course, then across the bridge at Aberlady. From here its all beaches and trails to Archerfields where we leave the coast and skirt the golf course on a trail that rises to the main road back into Gullane.

There was a stiff breeze and it was sunglasses and gloves. We originally planned on maybe 12 but by the time we got to Archerfields we thought we would keep the road miles into the cold strong wind to a minimum so headed back then, rather than along to Yellow Craigs. It was probably a good decision.

New tree troll - reminds me of Mr. Rusty of Magic Roundabout.

Latest update on Rapa Nuis is: I'm in love with my new shoes! They are bedding in nicely. (I bought a new pair of Thorlo Thin Cushion (actually they are quite thick) socks for the Fling while picking up shoes and combined, they feel like running on plush carpet with extra underlay in soft carpet slippers.)

This chap was taking his turn on the telephone post next to Tesco's car park.

With a lot of willpower and a little regret we had a banana instead of a Falko's cheese tongue. Then off to Tesco's for a shop. Mary was wearing a strange mix of attire (and hair styled by the wind) and I hoped we didn't bump into anyone I knew. Of course before we even got past fruit and veg there's Dougie Flett (ex-Stornoway RC). The other point of interest in Tesco's was a family size bag of Basmati Rice. We are big fans of Basmati and have it 4 or more nights a week at present. Mary's tea-time name is Mrs. Basmati. However we are not quite ready for hefting home the 20kg bag (£25) seen here.


  1. Lol at the new Troll!
    are you guys on the coast next Saturday?, there will be a few Fatbikes going about... -:)

  2. Really gutted not going to be around next Sat as off to do 53 mile race. We will be around on Sunday though I may be a bit broken after race. What are the plans for Sunday?