Saturday, 6 April 2013

Cramond Island

A tough week at work and NO running. Thought I'd give it till Wednesday (to recover from the Norovirus) then pulled a lower back muscle that stopped me going along to club or running Thursday. On Wednesday evening Mary drove us to Aberlady for a stroll with cameras although an absence of owls or much in the way of sunset left only the pleasure of a near deserted walk to the beach and back. It was good to get out but chilly and a bit overcast.

Its easy to lose one's mojo. A few days of no running coupled with long days in the satanic mills and I begin to lose the will to live. Friday and my workplace insisted I leave after lunch to allow them to set up their 10th anniversary party. I was so tired from the working week I had to return to bed. Nothing held any prospect of joy and everything felt like a chore.

I was trying to tell myself I needed to find the joy of running again, while equally feeling if I pushed it, there would be no joy forthcoming. Mary came up with a simple but brilliant answer: we would go for a walk to Cramond Island. This of course depends on the tide being sufficiently out but fate served us well (we didn't even check tide timetables before setting off) and we had a superb couple of hours going out the causeway and round the island before returning as the sun disappeared behind South Queensferry. The excellent light made for great photos.

It was a timely reminder that rather than always just focussing on as many miles as possible run at pace, sometimes it can be good to ease off and enjoy life in the slow lane. (Sunshine also helps.)


  1. Not been out to crammond on the Fatbike yet Peter,in fact not been out there for years!, and your lovely pics are telling me to get out for a mid week sunset cycle there for a look around again... thanks for the great post!

  2. Fine images and commentary. If you ask me you`ve very much found your mojo !
    I remember wading back in knee deep water as a kid. Didn`t see any cat-sized rats, happily !

  3. Thanks Neil,

    It was a spectacular evening and very lucky - we heard from some boaty person later it was one of the lowest tides of the year so we hit the island just right. No sign of rats. It made us think about 1/ maybe camping overnight there with the rats and 2/ organising an informal race from the carpark round the island and back.
    It was a great reminder of yet another excellent local amenity