Thursday, 25 April 2013

a j m w video

Its taken a couple of weeks to edit the material from the Alternative John Muir Way run. I took around 500 photos and about 30 movies while running. I had a couple of pieces of music in mind for the soundtrack but came across this piece while Mary and I were having a Radiohead festival the last few days. The rhythms inspired a fast cut edit and I managed to keep the thing under 6 minutes though had to extend the track beyond its original length. You might imagine you see Gio running naked down the beach with a stick in his mouth but its just a trick of the light...


  1. Like it - captures the energy and scenery well!

  2. Fantastic video. Really enjoyed watching it while "cyber slacking".
    Getting a bit of Take 5 was an added bonus.

  3. Thanks,
    Stuart - go easy on that knee!

  4. great combo PB, was gettin just a tad worried with the dog and the stick and the man with beard , or was it a hat. Could you slow the credits a wee bit longer?