Sunday, 6 January 2013

Saturday 5th Jan: The Gullane Run.

A favourite route. Drive to Gullane, park near the golf course. Run the road (the John Muir path South of the Golf Course) along to Aberlady then over the wooden bridge and along the beach and trails to Yellowcraigs. Inland to Dirleton then skirt Archerfields, to the road back to Gullane. 12 miles plus. As we ran the sun came out and bathed us in a murky orange sunset. At such points I usually say to Mary "we've got the best part of the day". Hence the blog title which also describes most runs.

Along the way we had been noticing in the sand, the extra wide tyre marks of the fat-bike troops. We knew from their orientation that we were catching up with them so it was no surprise to meet Bruce, Jason and the gang, just before the beach below Archerfiields. We saw them again later styling it with mulled wine ice cream cones in Gullane.

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