Saturday, 12 January 2013

13 Pentland Miles

Mary had plans for today and suggested a run more ambitious than I thought we should aim at. However there were plenty escape routes and indeed towards the end we ducked out of the last few hills. Still 13 miles is a long 3 hours of hilly semi-frosty ground. The weather couldn't quite make up its mind. I was sorry we might have missed the brightest of the day mid-morning (we started running about 1pm) but the grey skies brightened during the return leg making for a blast of orangey clouded sunset and some glorious long hazy shadows over Threipmuir while we skirted round Black Hill.

So, starting at (a yet again crowded) Flotterstone car park we did Turnhouse, Carnethy, Scald Law, S Black Hill, the Kips (was that Al Anthony out doing the Carnethy 5?) down the Drove Road to Beach Avenue, along to Black Hill which we contoured round the back of, up the wall side of Bells Hill then down at Maiden's Cleugh to the reservoirs and home. It was pretty Baltic if you stopped for a snack which we did once near Hare Hill on the Drove Road. As long as you kept moving it was a good day for it. Light frost on the tops. 2 pairs of gloves.

AA on WK?

Some dude was flying around the Kips. We were long past and so missed the show close up.

Today's choice of snacks.
The tablet was from Run and Become at the Promathon and much appreciated.

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