Sunday, 6 January 2013

Promathon, 1st Jan 2013

The Promathon is a brutal herald of the new year. 4 miles of eyeballs-out along Portobello Prom. Which some think gives us an advantage. Well I suppose we know just exactly how far to go. This year instead of the out and back the 4 miles was broken by a start at the Bowling Centre after which we headed into the wind to the Dog and Cat Home. I spent the time reeling in Willie J who started unusually fast. At the turn I was pretty much on his tail but feeling awful. I improved with the wind slightly behind us moving past Willie and up to Michael G's shoulder. 

Alex, knowing I like to fold my number had added a special message to it.

2 miles later I knew I would have to work hard to keep Willie more than a sprint away. A group formed with Michael F a couple of others and Nicola D; off the back of which I dropped. First Porty Scottish Michael ran strongly, much to the frustration of Irish Michael and myself. Nicola was first lady one place ahead of me. I managed to stay a couple of seconds ahead of Willie, but it wasn't pleasant or elegant.

I changed into dooking outfit (swapping trainers for flip flops) but Alex J called prize giving quickly and sadly there wasn't time for a quick splash, like last year. I was feeling a bit rough so didn't complain too much. I wasn't sure if I had drunk too many glasses of red wine at Scott and Amanda's after a beach run the evening before, or if it was just I was bit under the weather. Happily it never came to anything. I ran 22.31, nine secs slower than last year although there was a stronger wind this year. (About 9 secs worth I reckon.) I won a silver trophy for first v50 and and envelope to take to Run and Become. Which offset the pain of the gubbing by 2 Michael's and Nicola.

Angus and Scott

Nicola, first lady

Scottish Michael

Many thanks to Alex Jackson and team for a well organised bash on a day when an awful lot of folk are languishing in bed, hungover. I was sorry no non-running Porties stepped up to marshal, as there were a few spectating who could have helped out, and its very much our home turf. Otherwise a good turn out from PRC.

Thanks to Bob Marshall for taking loads of great photos.
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