Tuesday, 8 May 2018

sunday cycle

Sunday 29th. Another bright but cool day. Given Mary's knee injury we have been upping the cycling and swimming and going easy on the kneesy. We decided on an East Lothian circuit to Haddington then up the hill to the Hopetoun Monument, down to Aberlady, then home along the coast.

Samson pulling his hair out,
"give me strength! what is the point of a cafe being closed on a Sunday?"



So it was Falko's who won our custom with their canny practise of being open. Refreshments were had. Then we pushed ourselves up the hill to the Hopetoun Monument. This is the easier side of the hill to approach it from so it wasn't too sweaty.

We left the bikes locked by the car park. If you have not been before it is worth a hike up the steep hill and up the tower for the view. Remember to take a headtorch or bike light as it is quite dark on the sloping spiral staircase of the tower interior.

There were some people at the base of the tower and I was wondering if they were considering going up the tower. We waited till the young lads making a bit of noise came down and exited before going up. The family at the base were not slim and I was reminded of that scene from In Bruges.

Strangely there were loads of wee flies up the top on one side. But also great views and info panels letting you know what you are looking at.

When we got back down to the bikes there were flutterings in the car park. Orange Tips and (GV) Whites. Mary kindly waited while I scampered round mostly failing to get any decent photos. They were not for landing. To the extent I took a couple of shots in flight as they swooped past my nose clearly taking the piss.

green veined white

snack stop at Aberlady

43miles, very jolly!

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