Tuesday, 8 May 2018

birds by the beach

Time to catch up with blogs from last weekend. (About 4 or 5 in the pipeline and work getting in the way!) This was Saturday 28th April and although bright and sunny was also a bit cold for the butterflies. I looked but there were none or very few and none staying still for a photo shoot. Lots of insects and birds though. The wind coming from the East meant we headed to Archerfields and ran back to Gullane.

Mary stopped for a stretch on Gullane high street where we noticed these shoes!

I scoured the place for any Speckled Woods, going a bit off piste into the undergrowth just in case. Friends on facebook (invariably down south) are posting pics all the time, being about 2~3 weeks ahead of us in terms of weather. I was optimistic we'd find some here or in the other wooded parts we run through, but only saw this deer. Patience. (Mary gets tired of me moaning about lack of fluttery friends.)

checked the trunks of these trees for owls but nothing apart from this arboreal snail

Mr Stonechat

Mr and Mrs Stonechat

Need Helen or George to identify this one.
Either chiffchaff or skylark/meadow pipit. Lots of chiffchaffing going on.

these planks are the new stranded yacht
someone seems to be gathering them into bundles

The eiders were making questioning oooooh noises that were very comical.

swallow torpedo
Loads about but v difficult to photo in flight.

separated at birth

This was the second week in a row I had taken my (new) wetsuit to Gullane to try out after the run. However I opted to run up the hill and look for butterflies rather than go in the water. Just couldn't be arsed. Mary went in to sort her legs. Nice run and day but always feel a bit shortchanged when no butterflies about.

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