Monday, 23 October 2017


There was an offer to join some lovely friends who were planning on a train journey to the XC and back, but I feared the worst. Pints in the Stirling Union and strong drink on the train home - bound to end in tears and little patches of mud in second class. Best not. One hangover per weekend is more than enough and we had a wedding to go to on Sunday.
So instead a fabulously sober run from Gullane. Surprise!
First up, Gannets Deli. Taking the unorthodox step of opening for a Saturday! We bought their take out coffee with a slice of banana loaf and carrot/walnut cake. NOT two slices each, but half a slice each of either. Probably could have managed a slice each mind as they were small. But superb. Coffees were good too and did the trick. We were shouting and singing and talking nonsense within the first half mile, always a good sign of strong coffee. I felt a little like I'd missed out on the XC (and catching up with Graham, Nick and Jim etc.) but defo chose the right path.

mutant ninja turtles this way?

Mary suggested we have a wander round the church yard at Dirleton. A lot of the headstones were so old and faded you couldn't make out the carved inscriptions.

all that was left were his 'ears

always enjoy the funfair mirrors at Yellowcraigs

a hundred yards from the sea this flounder was either a very good swimmer
or an unfinished snack.

tyre tracks from the Forth Fat

Mary and I had discussed what the most interesting thing on the beach might be. It wasn't an octopus wrestling a crab as I guessed or a shark eating a sheep as Mary thought, but this poorly parked yacht. There was a suggestion it was on its holidays from Fife and had popped over for a visit during the stormy weather.

separated at birth 

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