Monday, 23 October 2017

Caitlin and Rob get married

So after 17 years (17!) Caitlin and Rob get hitched. Luckily it was low key (by contemporary standards), and sensibly late in the afternoon - 3.45pm kick off, so didn't stop us going for a quick run round Holyrood beforehand.

A Red Admiral, probably woken up by the sunshine, flew ahead of us down Iona St.
Landed high up on a tenement briefly for a photo then out-flew us heading East.

Talking of weddings this guy was putting a ring on this swan, who looked a little bit like the reluctant bride. I've seen him before at Inverleith pond - usually gets a good audience. You can see his hook there that he catches the swan by its neck with. Not an easy or risk free game.

I was still full of breakfast and puffing hard as we approached St Margaret's Loch and not particularly in the mood for a sprint up the hill to Dunsapie. However I shifted up a gear and ran the gradient (from the barrier at the bottom to the bin at the start of the lochside) in a new pb of 5mins 45s. Probably all the hill training. This isn't the same as the strava section (I believe) but then again I'm not on strava.

Further round the Queens Drive, and Duddingston Loch and surrounding trees were looking attractive below with the sun glinting off the water. It does make me want to interact and I'm not sure what medium would work best; kayak, wet suit or inner tube and paddle! I doubt the park rangers would sanction any of that though.

Back along London Road and I'd never noticed this tree stump before. On the reverse is a clockwork info point. Set the dial and start cranking it to receive audio messages from beyond the grave: "Please take out your wallet and hand it to the gunman standing directly behind you" that sort of thing. Modern technology - marvelous!

I had nearly stayed home to try on different outfits and look for shoe polish. Glad I went for a run though as it was really very pleasant out and was a good warm up and off-set for the rich food we would encounter later. The wedding venue was Carberry Tower, and so Mary and I decided to cycle. We have cycled and run past there loads of times (on way to Cousland or Pentcaitland cyclepath) but never looked in to see the beautiful grounds and attractive grand house. Obvs we didn't cycle in our glad rags but took pannier bags of clothes to change into. And even arrived in enough time to padlock the bikes and find toilets in which to make a miraculous transition. Then raced to the "chapel" even getting there before the bride-to-be. 

The Master of Ceremonies, who was of the Humanist Society, did the MC-ing when we buried my dad in Binning Woods. She kept the ceremony relaxed and breezy and family members were involved and contributed. Then we went over to the Big House and had a drink before the meal. Mary and I had a wee wander outside as the grounds were spectacular. And also I was looking for a bar selling beer. The food was really great and it was fun meeting friends and family of the happy couple. Then there were speeches. Rob, being audio (soundguy) to Caitlin's visual (cameraperson) did a speech with a slideshow that worked very well.

We decided to sneak off before getting too tired and emotional as we still had to cycle home. Mary returned to the toilets to get back into her wonder woman costume but since it was fairly dark and I had had plenty of delicious wine I just stripped off beside the bikes in the car park. (Very similar in feel to the cross country.) The hill down from Carberry may or may not have been lit but we managed without incident, and once back to the coast managed to cycle along the front, enjoying the lack of public on the prom. It probably wasn't raining. The evening air was bracing and probably helped a good deal although Mary (3 drinks are 3 drinks more than usual) is not looking herself at all, today. I postponed the Tynecastle Bronze on spurious weather based data. Luckily I didn't opt to run with RD at 8am this morning.

Great wedding and huge Congrats and best wishes to Rob and Caitlin, rushing into it after 17 years! Hurray! xx

great shot by my nephew Ryan the official photographer

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