Sunday, 6 November 2016

november light

The pumpkins and fireworks have come and gone, the sun goes down before 4.30pm, there is 'flu everywhere, there is ice forming on bird baths and I am hungry ALL of the time. Must be November. On the upside the low sun makes for interesting photos as it crawls above the horizon, then later, slinks off back down again. 

Lysander House
a converted WW2 radar station, now a residence

We did a variation on the usual and headed down the road to Yellow Craigs then back up on the beach. Something to do with wind direction, though on the first part of the beach the wind was very much in our faces. It improved as things went on. We followed the tyre tracks of Bruce and 3 mates who were not long ahead of us by the looks of things. But first climbed the steps just East of Yellow Craigs where you get a rather nice tree-tops view of Fidra down to the Bassington Rock. Blue skies and a frosty wind. Not bad at all!

tyre tracks going round a sleeping cormorant

Mary modelling a football.
What a wag!

From this point onwards we were running into the blinding sun which made for atmospheric photos. If looking in the direction we were going the sun blotted out nearly everything leaving just silhouettes. It was almost oppressive, although I could feel my vitD batteries being recharged as we ran. 

Mary calling it how she saw it.

a well behaved doggy for a change
still following the fat bikes.

You can tell experienced travellers along the coast. There are places where it is best to leave the beach and then others where the beach is preferable. M and I have been doing these trails for so long we don't even discuss it and just follow the better lines as we go. I noticed Bruce and the bikers doing the same on -and-offs we do. In the past I have followed (without ever seeing) (suspecting a Wright) someone pushing a baby jogger (3 wheels) on and off the same ramps; you get a feel for who knows their way along the coastal paths.

I was road testing a couple of new items. First: Hoka Speed Instincts. I said I'd get a pair if Ultramarathon Running stocked them in the blue colourway. Which they did just last week. (And if you put in the voucher code LDWA you get 10% off making them £72 incl p&p.) Loving the moderate colourways, the less Hoka-y height of sole and the reasonable grip. Not really cross country grippy but more dry trails and beaches. Very lightweight and comfy. And they look fab. Also sporting a new watch which I wasn't anticipating getting. I was going to get a Garmin 310xt for its longer lasting battery, as the current Garmin battery only lasts about 4~7 hrs. Then Olly posted that he was selling his Suunto for less than the best price of a reconditioned Garmin 310xt. I bought it from him and am now one of these folks with a watch more intelligent than themselves, trying to figure out how to work it. So far so good although I haven't decided about Stava yet. 

those 2 again

It was great to see so much sunshine. I should really have been at Lauder doing the cross country this weekend but Mary wasn't bothered and I need to do a bit more training and get back some fitness before racing again. Last time I ran hard (13th Oct - unlucky for some) I provoked injuries that are still on the mend now. Sadly I will also miss the 2nd Borders Series race but hope to make at least 4 of the rest. 

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