Sunday, 13 November 2016

dirty weekend

The weather today (Sunday) was just filthy. And yet we had a good run. There are no photos though. So the pics are from yesterday when there were moments of delightful sunshine but we mis-timed them and were either driving home or indoors when it was happening, for once missing the best parts of the day. Weather wise. Other than that the timing was perfect as we bumped into Bruce, Jason and their bikey pals not once but twice. And it doesn't get much better than that!

those 3 deer again

We bumped into the fat tyre crew as we drove into the car park at Gullane. We blethered for a bit and then sent them on their way. After a good deal of messing about and toilet stops we headed down to Aberlady and the bridge to enchantment where, sure enough, the bike boys were regrouping. More chat and photos and off to the beach. Which was looking mildly awesome. Big skies and shimmering light but the sort of stuff that doesn't really come out as spectacular, unless you have an enormous wooden camera on a tripod and do long exposures on silver plates. I couldn't work out if the jetsam on the beach was really fascinating or if it was just the strength of Falko's latest shipment. 12 hours later I was lying in bed thinking I might as well get up and do some race entries as there's no point in trying to get some sleep.

This large chunk of tree timber could have come from the other side of the world. Or been pulled out the ground at Archerfields. Either way it was a bazillion times better than 90% of the guff in contemporary art galleries. Look at that swirling grain, the dynamism, the contrasts. I think they make that coffee too strong.

Some of these wee charmers (are they sanderlings? they are certainly sand darlings) came and walked right up the beach towards us, obligingly, knowing neither of us had better than x5 zoom.

Irony is, it is very rare to find a fish on the beach.

barnacle shanty town
(with evictions)

Mary has a thing about barnacles, which is weird as she likes quite a lot of unlikely wildlife - even the free range mouse that comes and visits from time to time - she will say it's cute. But barnacles make her shudder!

on the dull days too much is out of focus

Now we stepped off the path out of politeness. There were some waxed jacket post-menopausal ramblers on the single track that rises to Gullane Point and you don't like to just barge past while shouting "out the way Maude!" So we popped onto the spit of sand instead of walking in slow motion up to the golf course. Like returning addicts we both fell into the twilight zone of shell hunting. Five minutes later I was curating small groupings on the rocks while Mary had lost the plot entirely and was spreadeagled on the damp sand to photograph a home made shellhenge. The light was poor, as were most of the results. It's definitely a warm weather bright sky hobby.

We headed home just a short while before the sun popped out from below a huge bank of cloud and did a pretty lively sunset which couldn't be seen from aisle 5 in Tesco's. 

Sunday, as I said, was deplorable. The rain was lashing down and it was an opportunity to wear a waterproof jacket I was given recently. (More of that next weekend.) Mary had some homework to do, then warned me it would be a short (non-refundable) run round Inverleith Park. Might as well tag along. Had it not been for M, I would have had trouble working up the need to run. Honestly the weather was just foul. But due to one or 2 things and some new kit (running tights and Olly's Suunto) I was feeling quite keen. Third day in a row and nearly 33miles in total. Nearly got my mojo back. Despite the filthy weather we had a lot of laughs; opting instead of the muddy park to follow the cyclepath up to Telford, round through Blackhall and Blinkbonny to where it meets the Water of Leith, coming down to Stockbridge and then doing some tarmac back home. 8.5miles. If I'd been solo (with a starting pistol to my head) it would have been done under a black cloud, but Mary's delightful company and wit made the 90mins well worth stepping out.

And the forecast for next weekend so far, is very positive. Just got to get through the week.

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