Tuesday, 8 March 2016

sun days

Fell behind a bit on the blogging. So here are the last 2 sunny Sundays sharing the same page. They were very similar runs and covering much the same ground. The sun was out with a chill in the air. My favourite running conditions: thin gloves and sunglasses. I probably don't even need to say it was down at Gullane for both. First trip was a glorious sunny recovery run (28th Feb) on the back of the Nationals the day before.

First run in new Hoka Constant 2s. I had tried these on in Run and Become almost as an afterthought assuming I'd prefer the more stripped down Vanquish 2. However the (unheard of for Hoka) BROAD forefoot and superfat comfy tongue made these feel like strapping in to a Rolls Royce. They left the shop with me and the (narrow) Vanquish stayed on the shelf. Would these be the the shoes I run a (July) road marathon in? Watch this space. 

A woman saw me taking photos of Mary standing on the subs and offered to take a photo of both of us. Best photo of the day; how did she do that? Later, a message floated through the ethers to Mary saying she may know who the photographing lady was. Mary thought it might have been Amy Hardie, and she thought she recognised her voice from her voice-over in a film she made. It was all too uncanny for me but I have sent a message to Amy asking her to confirm this. Nothing yet, but her facebook profile pic certainly looks like the woman on the beach. 

These skittish birds reminding me why I have to spend big money on a big lens.

Haha, this dalmatian keenly consuming the contents of the milk carton. And M and I laughing behind our hands at the prospect of it reversing the procedure an hour later in the owner's car.

Isle of May behind Fidra

favourite tree at Archerfields

The rules are when we run back up the road from Archerfields to Gullane it has to be done at half marathon finishing pace (or faster). We have usually run 10~12 miles and so it not only matches the feeling of the final mile of a half but it usefully disposes of the un-scenic stretch up the gradually rising pavement (which is currently being widened) back into Gullane. I arrived ahead of Mary and passed the time taking photos of my new shoes which still felt super plush. And for a pleasant change Hoka have used a modest colourways. My only gripe so far is the laces which I had to cut 3" off either end. Why so long? Otherwise a handsome shoe for cruise control over long distance on tarmac. And plenty of toe wiggle.

In the US this tongue (joined at one side but overlapping on the other) is sometimes called a Burrito Tongue, elsewhere I have heard it called a mono-tongue. I have been considering the adjective monotongue-ness which is almost impossible to say and doesn't really do justice to the fit and feel which works well and 2 steps later you'll have forgotten all about it.

Not the lightest Hoka but not built for sprinting.

A week later and I am glad Mary has nothing more ambitious than half a dozen miles at Gullane planned. I have a sore left foot from yesterday's 42 miles in the snow although it doesn't feel like an injury that shouldn't be run on. Just a bit achy and the sort of thing that will benefit from a little light stretching along the beach. Fingers crossed.

Neither of us are feeling very keen despite popping past Falko's for a quick hit. When we come to a very shelly part of the beach near Gullane point we become immersed in the micro world and spend 15 minutes or more hunkered down admiring the colours and shapes. The closer you look the more drawn in you get until you have a handful of favourites. I was sure I had an exact replica of Munch's Scream but Mary (to my surprise) didn't see it even after I pointed it out. On reflection I am now wondering what they put in the Falko's coffee.


Hunter gallery

I had been a bit concerned re the sore foot. I expected it to ease after the first mile but it was still feeling crocked as we crossed the bridge at Aberlady. The soft ground of the beach helped and I realised it probably wasn't a stress fracture or anything serious. And I was wearing the same super comfy shoes as above which helped. And we weren't going at blistering pace. Mary had a specific distance she wanted to clock up so we went on past the car park and through the woods exiting out the big dune onto the beach then back to the car. It was all very pleasant and by the finish I had just about forgotten I had a sore foot.

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