Tuesday, 15 March 2016


The best weather of the week looked like Monday. I had some things to do but thought a run and photos in the Pentlands might be the thing. Then I realised I'd be pushing it to get back in time for Fitness Class (Fight Club) at 6pm. So a run up Arthur's Seat then? Maybe I was still a little tired from Saturday's big run? I was tempted to build on it and clock up a super-high mileage week (over 100?) but in the end I took the big camera and cycled along to the Botanics for a gentle walk and to try and catch something of the splendid light. I should probably settle for 120miles in 8 days and be thankful none of the aches turned into injuries.

"nothing that ends in a gift ends in nothing"

signs of spring

Always a delight to spend time in the botanics. Still quite chilly in the shade and I was glad I had taken gloves and a hat. Perhaps that was why the squirrels were all indoors as well. The bag of nuts in my pack stayed pretty much uneaten. If you can't visit the botanics without a squirrel fix there are some, from Autumn 2013, here.

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