Sunday, 24 May 2015

low tide, high spirits

Nice to be race free this weekend and just spend the time relaxing. The sun came out and it actually felt like the first day of summer. Mary had suggested a 10 miler; starting at Gullane but going down the road to Archerfields then along the beach to Aberlady and back to Gullane on the JMW through the golf course.

I was still recovering from a slightly bruised foot which I picked up on Wednesday. Normally a week away from a marathon I'd want quite a taxing weekend followed by 6 days of moderate running. (I have a quick recovery so don't need to taper much.) However I knew the sore foot would benefit from less stress so was glad to do this run. Mary was a bit tired from a busy week but as the day went on her mood improved a lot and after a coffee and bun from Falkos there was a lot of nonsense and banter along the road to Archerfields.

larking about

The good news is my new shoes improves my footy bruise...

I was very pleased to have sorted my shoe choice for the marathon. My favourite shoe currently is the Challenger but the pair I wore on Wednesday had suddenly run out of cushioning leaving my right foot bashed and tender. I took a couple of days off running then got a new pair of Challengers. I had a while back encouraged Jim H into buying a pair for the Fling. He had decided not to risk a change of shoe that late on in his training from the ones he was used to and I had said if he wasn't going to use the Hokas I would happily buy them off him as they were my size. (Incidentaly he tried them out briefly before passing them in my direction and thought they were pretty good, but knew my need was urgent and so kindly sold them to me, saving the day!) I was pleased to get some miles in them this weekend and break them in in plenty time (ahem) for next weekend's marathon. Technically the proper Hoka shoes for the marathon would be the Huakas or Cliftons and I have a pair of both but the Challengers seem to have a more roomy toebox than either of them and are more comfortable for me as a result. 

The tide seemed to be particularly low on Saturday and we got to run on bits of the beach we rarely see. With the wind behind us and the sun out it was really fine and put us both in great spirits.

The "crowds" at Gullane were less uplifting and the clouds came over and for a stretch we were less buoyant although once we got round the corner towards Aberlady things picked up again.

We saw some fat bikers miles away at the other end of the beach.

and followed their tyre tracks back to the subs

didn't have the tripod along today so had to rest the camera directly on the sand to get this...
(click on HD)

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