Friday, 8 May 2015

Ikeahacking vs Pentervals

I have real trouble trying to knuckle down and follow the crowd. Just doesn't seem to be in my contrary nature. Even though I have long since lost faith in Labour, I really didn't enjoy see folk kicking Jim Murphy while he was down. The poor man was given a horrible grilling by all the pundits while he tried to smile in the sickly way you do when being bullied, and it was obvious from way way out that his party was going down the plughole fast. Not content with the very great likelihood of a landslide, so many of the snpee-ers (congratulations on the win) made fun of his mis-speak that I thought there was a good chance he would top himself before the weekend. In fact he is one of the few who has not fallen on their sword. As I say it is a long time since I cared about Labour, but come on, kicking someone while they squirm on the floor? It doesn't reflect well on you. You know who you are.

at home in Ikea

I meant to go in a completely different direction there. Mainly to Ikea World, an amusement park on the outskirts of town. To say how much Mary and I enjoyed a recent trip there. Which is contrary to the usual shopper experience where traditionally one complains about the airport sized car parks, the hideous industrial warehousery, and the interminable route from entrance to checkout. Look closely at the above photo - it is not our house, we do not have scandi-slang nametags hanging off furniture, or a tv screen log fire. I am always amused by how much Mary enjoys the life-sized-dolls-house-feel you get as you promenade through partitioned lounges, bathrooms and kitchens in the upper floor demo area before descending to the marketplace and filling a trolley full of economy priced crockery and bargain duvet sets. 

kitchen sink drama

I think next time we're bringing a small bag of cereal and a spoon.

I have to confess to a weakness. I am no longer allowed to buy picture frames here. I have quite a large box of them at home which I haven't filled YET but may do at a non-specific later date. Apparently my brother also has an asbo re the framing dept. so it is perhaps a genetic thing. His wife was much amused that I also had a collection of as-yet-unfilled frames. Also I find it hard to get through the kitchenware, the lighting dept and past the bed-linen without making purchases. This makes me sound far more interested in the great indoors than in fact is the case and my home resembles a tip far more closely than an Ikea showhome. I put this discrepancy down to whatever they pump through the ventilation system. I think a light whiff of crack cocaine. We felt fine going in but by half way round felt light-headed and slightly motion-sick the way you might during a trip to Alton Towers, or at the hospital, after a car crash.

this is not my beautiful house

great facilities

domestic bliss

billy bookcase

There's no doubt it is an endurance event and you have to put the blinkers on going past the rugs and storage otherwise you will need an extension to house all the useful containers. And if you are going to buy ANYTHING make sure you are carrying the measuring tape you already measured the gap with. NEVER imagine "it looks about the right size." And NEVER go on a bank holiday weekend. That is asking for it. Best buys were the bedside reading lights (and duvet set). Least good, the soap and shampoo wire tray thing that sticks onto your tiled shower with a couple of suction doodahs and saves drilling holes and cracking tiles. Keeps popping off on one side. I'm so going to drill that sucker. Recommended for next tripa large sensor camera or tripod, as the lighting is very low and resulting pics poor quality. Also a compass as I'm sure we turned in a complete circle in the upper maze and yet never crossed the trail of breadcrumbs once. Also next time; a visit during summer where one can model flip flops and look like you've just stepped out the showers. This place has a huge potential for cocktail parties and hey, let's have a book group meet there. BYOB, perhaps in Camelbaks. (I think this might even extend the already fabulous remit of Ikeahacking.)

Which brings us to Pentervals. Also on the outskirts of town, this looks much more pleasant but is in fact, much more painful. For no reason I could discern, Thursday night intervals, ©Carnethy, was shifted from Holyrood to Swanston. This suited those who live or work over near the Pentlands but not the usual crowd who tend to live or work nearer Holyrood. I had written it off as something I wouldn't manage then realised I was working at Hillend and it was 7 mins away in Inov-8s. Since the weather was looking splendid (although chilly up the tops) I took the camera; here are some photos.

Rad Rd like

2 things. Since Ben Lomond is on this weekend the session was going to be less brutal than usual. (Not so's you'd notice.) And 2, Iain had found this gravelly trail that was similar in length and gradient to the Rad Rd (my least favourite Thursday eve.) We were to do 5mins followed by 90secs? recovery running down to a point nearly where we started, 4 mins, same, 3, 2, 1. By which time we would be approaching the summit of Allermuir. And a coronary.

It was good to see Harry there, this being nearer his neck of the woods. He claimed he was not quite fully back to fitness (having broken a collarbone at a previous Thursday evening.) So I nearly coughed up a lung after trying to keep up with him over the first 5min climb. I think he was saving himself for Ben Lomond. 

dude on bike couldn't keep up with Iain

As always the session hurt like hell and I was very glad when we got to the shorter reps. From there, we climbed the remainder of Allermuir and enjoyed the splendid views. We then jogged down the more familiar direct path to Swanston and I ran back to Damhead along the road. I cycled home (under 29mins) and was very ready for dinner and a drink. "Thanks" to Iain for the session. (Smiley-face.)

Now that would be a pretty place to hang some Ikea frames, if only I had a few million to spare.

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