Thursday, 13 November 2014

Waverley Line 11/11/14

Another Graham Henry Tynecastle Bronze run. 11.02 he says, from Waverley Station; bring money and food. 30 miles, 5 hrs. No further info. I phone him up because if we're catching a train at 11.02 we'll have to be in the station earlier than that. However it is an hour before midday to catch 5hrs of running (no train) before sunset and the 2 minutes is to allow for remembrance at 11am. Of course.

In case you were wondering where the Waverley Memorial lives: quite a few came out from their work stations to stand for the 2 minutes at 11am.

Toby is there when I arrive having looked up where the war memorial in Waverley is. I saw it a few weeks ago and thought it would make a good wm for the end of a train ride from a potential TB run passing no memorials. However the more you look the more you find these things. Somewhere in the TB rules it says you are supposed to find a "new" wm for each run. Towards the end of the 4 years this could be challenging. We passed several today and the rules say today only counts for one, so we can do this same run another few times although I'm not sure exactly what the penalties are for disobedience. A firing squad perhaps, or sent to the front.

We started off without a firm plan. There were 4 of us: Toby, Richard, Graham and myself. We hoped Lucy and Amanda would make it along but they went for a shorter run themselves. Graham led us off towards Arthur Seat where he forgot to give us a BFT (basic fitness test). I think he had had some hill reps in mind so no bad thing he forgot. We were all too busy blethering and were down towards the prom before we realised. 

Toby IS taller than Richard but not THAT much taller - optical illusion of the shadows and distance from the wide angle lens as next photo shows...

It was a lovely hazy but sunny morning. 

I took a snap of these gulls while running past. Only later did I see the hand out the car window with chips.

Enjoy them before they're gone.

There's always one.

Another wm at Prestonpans.

Lunch stop at Port Seton. 

The Marigold Tree in full bloom.

Over the bridge at Aberlady.
We were about 20+ miles here and it looked as if it would be over the 30 if we stuck to the trails and beaches all the way to NB. I had been in touch with AGF by text to let her know our whereabouts in case she wanted to tag along. This passed by jungle drum to Lucy who invited us to finish at her place at N Berwick. I let her know we would aim for 4.30pm.

With Jedburgh still in his legs Toby was feeling the pace by the beach. To make things worse the tide was right in and the sand very soft.

I had been threatening to cross pollinate the Tynecastle Bronze with my other winter obligation, the submergathon, as I would be missing yet another weekend plunge otherwise. Richard, helpfully, kept pointing out suitable spots for a swim. However as I only had a small camping towel and no extra shorts I was waiting till we had a suitably quiet spot. Toby was flagging a bit just before Gullane Point and there was only one older couple nearby so I took 5 to go for a quick submerge which I hoped would give Toby a moment to recover.

"Thanks" to Graham for these photos. 

It was a lovely calm day for an immersion and seemed less cold than the last couple of swims, (why did you make that girlie noise then, says Richard, again helpfully!) though I was well warmed up from running and I didn't hang around. Afterwards my legs felt much refreshed. 

After Gullane beach Toby decided to call it a day and headed to his girlfriend's place nearby.

Here is a sport for a calm day. The bastard offspring of kayaking and surfing and a very silly/unstable activity. However I would quite like a go. 

The sun, as forecast, came out at 3pm. Well a bit after 3pm. RD said this was because of the time it takes for light to get from the sun to Gullane. (Genius.)

This was the ugliest bit of running of the day. With the tide right in we were reduced to a harsh walk across the stones.

Someone had already abandoned their shoe. 

Graham had us do one last bft, a sprint to this post which Richard won.

drone over NB beach

Off the sand just in time for mince pies and mulled wine at Lucy's. Normally I'd argue that November was too early for such xmassy fare however that, and a timely banana-and-walnut cake went down so excellently well that I am prepared to re-evaluate the seasonal bake-off.

Last wm of the day at the other end of NB.

After cake and wine chez Lucy, back to Edinburgh on the 6.20.
Another perfect day out, full of great banter and the fourth 30+miler weekend running. So to speak.

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