Saturday, 15 November 2014

sundog millionaire

Just a smallish 6 miler at modest pace and a swim afterwards as we have Gala xc on Sunday. It turned out much prettier than anticipated but the water was Baltic. The run was fine - up into Gullane from the car park, through the golf course (on the JMW) to Aberlady, across the bridge and back by the beach, climbing up at Gullane Point and dropping back into the car park. I was not looking forward to the immersion - it looked cold. But the surf - only evident at the shoreline; the Forth further out appeared calm, the surf distracted from the cold by scooping you off the sand and tumbling you around like a washing machine. After a short while we retreated back to the car where we changed into warm clothes with chattering teeth. Lots of lovely skies and a much nicer day than you could have hoped for mid-November.

WFT is this? (Outside Falko's) 
Is it a tie up point for very obedient dogs or as Mary suggested something much more perverse?

The dew suggested an overnight frost.

I was saying to RD last weekend how the curvature of the earth gets in the way of the lower parts of the bridges as seen from Gullane.

I have been on about sun dogs before. And thanks to Mary who came up with the title for today's blog after she had already published her's

Quite a few surfers and paddlers today. Wonder if they use warmer wetsuits, or because they stay out the water more, so don't feel it so much. The water was really cold on our faces and we couldn't speak properly afterwards, and hands and feet were also suffering.

something nearly biblical about this

On the drive home some fields (not all, just ones with bushier crops) had a layer of mist in a very sherlock holmesian fashion. They deserved to be properly recorded but I just lowered the window and took a couple of snaps as we had an urgent lunch date back home. (This open water swimming lark gives you a very profound appetite.)

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