Tuesday, 22 April 2014

someone left the sun on

Sunday 20th

Some of Friday and Saturday's splendid weather (bright but cool) spilled over into Sunday where it was not supposed to be but where it was very welcome. As was Mary's invitation to do a ten miler around Gullane, Aberlady and Archerfields.

Mary noticed the beauty of this pot which might have made the journey home were it not for the potential history of use.

Regularly there are deer here.

Just noticed the similarity of shapes of the photos above and below.

beach hat
(Did I check to see if the owner was wearing it? No.)

Aberlady was deserted, (after I had cloned out a passerby.)

Next in the series of mental dogs: 
this was a young and exuberant Spaniel that would chase gulls it didn't have a hope of catching. 

Someone carrying a bigger camera than myself!
If I had seen sooner this dude was running with a full size DSLR I would have been over to congratulate him. 

Mary doing an impression of John Cooper

The ankle (sprained on Friday) was okay - I was careful not to put too much pressure (speed over rough ground) on it. However both M and I were below par and settled for 9 of the ten proposed miles. We had a pretzel from Falko's and enjoyed the unforecast sunshine. 

There was an event on Monday, a celebration of John Muir and the John Muir Way, though weirdly the event seemed more about costumes and beards than walking and running. The only attendees of the running event - from Dunbar to N Berwick - were Amanda and Lucy. I was nearly disappointed I hadn't gone along as it sounded very strange (running with rucksacks and flags and no water at finish, and just the 2 of them,) and there were a few funny outfits (people dressed as fish and trees) and bordering on wicker-man territory. As a fan of strange photo opportunities and the John Muir Way it might have been good fun although I got on with some overdue things and into the working week.


  1. Hey Peter - I passed that pot on my long run this morning !

  2. Hi Sandy,
    East Lothian - it's like an outdoor art gallery! And there was a bit of sun this morning as well?