Thursday, 13 March 2014

blue sky tuesday

Sunshine and blue skies on Tuesday so I swapped the usual evening meadows session for a daytime run round the Seat. Outside it wasn't quite as warm as it looked: something of a sunglasses-and-gloves day. I hadn't taken gloves. I did take the bigger camera though and I kept stopping to take photos rather than doing a proper workout. I gave myself a break - tapering for Alloa.

Leaving the steps of the gutted haddie to take a direct route to the summit.

This dude was being photographed doing endos on the summit.

Good that young people see fit to climb up here, not so good they get out trashy foods and fill their faces. All that stuff about young people feeling the pressure to achieve a certain idealised body shape. I am not seeing the evidence.

another runner on the ridge above Hunters Bog

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