Saturday, 8 March 2014

spring heals

I have been tired and hungry since last weekend's long run. I did some short stuff during the week. I also missed an appointment because I fell asleep while at the computer at 6pm and woke 45mins later only just in time for Wintervals. Today I was reluctant to commit to anything much. Forecast was plenty of wind and no sun. At least the second part was wrong although it was windy as hell. Mary had chosen the Water of Leith - canal - Seat route, and I thought I might follow the same paths and maybe catch up with her, chasing her early start. This seemed unlikely as she was home before I left, but you never know.

Dean Village

I assume Scotland were being beaten at Murrayfield. 


little bluebird on my shoulder

I noticed my left lace had sawn through at the eyelet. You can see the right is following suit. Hastily tied it and the snug fit held them on fine. (Rapa Nuis number 1 did this also. These are Rapa Nui number two-y. RN3 being kept out the muddy trails today.)

The first 8miles were pretty terrible. And the next weren't much better. I usually struggle to do 7 minute miles up the WoL (what with the rise) and today it took 59mins to get to the tunnel which marks 8miles exactly. I hung around catching my breath and taking selfies - looking for excuses not to have to start back down the WoL and along the canal.

Quite like the colourful new builds just before the canal basin.

Plenty of these around the Meadows.

They were so cheerful I had to get down in amongst them. This probably misrepresents the run though as I was feeling pretty grouchy for most of it and every time 1 or 2 large folk hogged the whole pathway I would jog on the spot behind till they noticed and then say THANKS in a not very gracious manner when they let me through. 

We actually know High Cup Nic from the Lakes

The wind was blowing so fiercely here I nearly went over the small wall while taking this photo.

Tufted ducks. Now they did cheer me up.

17 miles average pace 7.30.m/m. The wee loop at the start/finish is me going round the block to take the score up to 17. I was going to circle the Queen's Drive a second time to take the score up to 20 but I was beginning to run like a donkey and just couldn't be bothered. Felt like going back to bed afterwards. At least tomorrow I'll have some company.

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