Tuesday, 11 February 2014

now and then

Here is a craggy old pic from 1939 that Fiona posted on the SoL fb page, linked from its origins on the Lost Edinburgh fb page. I was up there yesterday, on the crags and although I didn't have a copy of the photo I thought I recognised the approximate point it was taken from. Sure enough, not far off although I was annoyed that I didn't have quite the right angle and zoom and so only the prow of rock the girls are sitting on matches in my photo and the background buildings - the churches and castle which remain - are not lined up.

The only difference I  can see between then and now, is a large piece of rock in the centre of the photo clinging vertically to the crag below the girls, has since vanished. Otherwise the rocks and patterns therein seem remarkably similar. The ivy has made a little progress but not much in 75 years. If three ladies wish to sit on the edge in long dresses I am happy to make a more exact copy of this photo, getting the background buildings into position, and the foreground rocks which again are pretty much identical.

Oh and there was some running in between the nostalgia. I was feeling pretty guilty on Monday as a slight hangover from Saturday night sidetracked my Sunday running and I just couldn't be bothered. (The evils of drink.) So Monday, I went out for a run over Arthur's Seat. 18.36 to the summit which is about a minute over my pb but I hadn't started out intending to do that, it just happened. Then I went down those unpleasant steps at the Gutted Haddie and over to the crags, to match the old photo.

The A Path (SoL)

I then did 4 brisk laps of Hunters Bog really just as a punishment exercise for being such a slacker on Sunday, then ran home in time to shower, change and go to Leith Academy for 90 mins of fitness and boxercise which was good fun. 

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  1. i got a longish dress the other day-i'm sure we could get another 2 ladies...