Friday, 7 February 2014

beach bum

Messing around on the beach 06/02/14

There was something of a theme today. 
It started with this masterful contribution in the once wet cement on Gullane's pavement.

Sitting on the duck of the bay

Mary was taking some time off and since I had no pressing engagements I tagged along. We have traded the beach for the hills last few weekends so it was nice to get back to the coast and see how things were looking. The weather wasn't quite as bright as it could have been but it wasn't raining either.

BIG thanks to Craig C who decided Hokas weren't helping his running and passed this pair in my direction. Much appreciated.

I liked the patterns left by the waves

What the heck is this?

Look, I'll hold it (them?) up so you can get a better view!

Now there is enough here to build a raft, or if you have been watching the Great Interior Design Challenge, a set of shelves, a hanging light and a window seat (to match the grey walls.) Just need to find a long branch or two and we're done here.

more art

And talking of tv I'm sure this is restoration George thingy and his I-live-in-a-pokey-space-in-the-woods programme.

Many times on the drive home Mary has pointed out this face in the tree. It has taken quite some time to see what she was meaning and then to catch it with the camera. 

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