Monday, 21 October 2013

sun between showers

After the rainy misery of Saturday it was worth getting up sharpish and catching the best part of the day down the coast. Mild enough to dump the long sleeved top, and with sunshine to cheer the soul.

I have long admired the stacked crates at Luffness, feeling they have something of the art installation about them but never managing to catch the photo that conveyed this as we screech around the corner, the Berlingo on 2 wheels. Here is a link to the masterpiece that does them justice and shows with what they are filled. Beautifully filmed and edited by Gary Eunson with an RC multi rotor - surely the future of low budget big screen epics. Ignore the humble end product and delight in the all the clever machinery both on show and unseen, holding the camera.

I have a thing for selfies in public toilets. More on this later.

Just what could the translation for Feinbäckerei possibly be?

Mary resisted most of these treats but had a bun type thing and coffee before we set off.

The long sleeved top was off before we even reached Dirleton.
Tradition has it you must, when turning the corner and seeing this view of NB Law in the E2NB race, call out "thar she blows."

Autumn was doing its thing.

Around about here we nodded hello to Dave Wright and company out for a run.
Congrats to him and Megan on the arrival of Gregor, 9lbs 13oz.

We had texted AGH about going for a run and she parked up at Yellow Craigs ahead of us. Unfortunately she may have thought she was behind us. Clearly things work better unplanned.

While I checked the car park for the AGH-mobile Mary checked out the new toilet block complete with tap on side (above dog bowl - nice touch) for filling water bottles etc.

Wonky legs. On the deer illustration.

About here Mary confessed she had kept information from me.
That there were huge (fairground-type) mirrors in the toilets that had splendid distortions for photographing selfies. I nearly went back. They will have to wait till next time. 

Both of us ran onto the beach and got a rush from the spaciousness and whatever it is you get from the sea air and sunshine that fills you with joie de vivre.

More installation art curated for our enjoyment.

The low tide allowed us to run on the acres of exposed sand below the rocks near Marine Villa, a rare treat!

Past Marine Villa and still no sign of Amanda - and we thought Alison and Scott may well be along too, walking the dogs and enjoying the beautiful scenery.
Solo fat bike tyre treads here.

And a lot of these things which score quite high on the yuck scale and quite low on the pretty nature I'd like to photograph scale. We assumed they were deposited by an adult version and would grow into something at some point. (Not so.) I have been googling "yuck found on beaches" and it is an enthralling hobby. However, smart friends of Mary (after a straw poll on facebook) came through with a general idea "Sea Squirts" and more specifically Urochordates and possibly Ascidiella scabra / aspersa. Thanks Inga and Becky. Knowledge is power.

Then in a flash, a moment of realisation, I knew that we would turn the corner and across Aberlady beach at the subs, the universal meeting place, we would meet Amanda, Alison, Scott, HHH and Harris, Bruce, Jason and the fat bikers...   and (Mary chimes in) both our dads, who have been dead for some time but nevertheless the idea caught hold, and there may well have been a song along the lines of "going to the subs to meet my da~ad"

So it was something of a surprise that when we got to the subs none of the above was there. This, in retrospect, was a good thing as everyone (except perhaps AGH whose middle name is Grace,) would have been shouting quite loudly trying to get everyone else to listen up. I know I would. It was that kind of weather.

Mr Skullhead wearing a bow tie.

Which reminds me we need a new colander.

And then back to Gullane.

The geese were doing goosey things: v formations and honking mostly.

13 miles later.


  1. Great Post Peter!
    Lovely pics!

  2. That is the best post ever! Synchronised tractors, Falkos and beach art. I love it.

  3. Life affirming Peter. Thanks, you`ve cheered me up !

  4. After hills, beaches are the best for running, thanks for sharing your runs, Mr Skullhead is a Sea Potato Test :)