Saturday, 5 October 2013

Dunbar 10 miler

Off to sunny Dunny for fun and games at this multi terrain 10 miler. Andrew gave me lift and we turned up plenty early for a few laps of the excellent Hallhill Centre track.

Its a favourite with PRC and we have a good tradition of turning up in strength to this one. I really enjoy the varied course and the distance: at just under the ten miles it is not as taxing as a half. There was a fair bit of mud on some of the tracks but the fields were pretty smooth round their perimeters - in the past there has been all sorts of obstacles and more tussocky ground. 

Very briefly in front of Nicola. Rest of the race I spent watching her gain ground ahead.

There was a right turn just beyond here and we hit a headwind. I had been dropping off the pace but picked it up to get what shelter I could from Nicola. (Not that much.)

I think trying to keep up for the first few miles made for a good fast start. I was a bit concerned I might have trouble later but think I eased back at the right time.

All the different trails make for an interesting and varied course. More fun than just flat roads.

This section is nearly vertical - much worse than it looks here. N is halfway up, and Gareth and Callum towards the top before the right turn

Then this hill and the sun came out a bit. You can see the top five here.

Then some tracks round the fields.

Traditionally we turn right just beyond this marshal. However the last 2 years the farmer has ploughed the field with the trig point in it, and so we carried on up the hill before turning...

...onto this descent which I greatly enjoyed rolling down after all that uphill. (Hokas cruised over stones handsomely.)

Some more uphill and Nicola seems to be extending her lead.

Now this is Michael and Dougie behind me at the same point. I thought this was a large enough safety margin. I was wrong.

Across the A1 underpass and a left turn to the last mile. In the centre of the pic 2 of the brighter spots are the marshal and Nicola. After going through the gap in the wall here I was taking photos when I heard footfalls behind and Michael appeared about 20 yards away. I think he must have had a bike stashed at the top of the hill as I did not hang around on the long tarmac descent. I stopped taking pictures and gave it 100% from that point to the end. The last mile pace on the Garmin says 5.24. Which nearly killed me. I wasn't sure how far Michael was behind but since I had spent nine tenths of the race in 6th I thought it best to finish in 6th. I'm still not sure as it took several moments looking at the ground with red blotches in front of my eyes before I could walk or talk again. (The results say 8 seconds.) Harsh - but it helped me get under 61 mins which was a bit faster than last year over the same course.

various finishers in various treatments...

Michelle from Helensburgh was second lady.

Mark was pleased to go much faster than he predicted.

Ann, wearing the porty-kini for the first time

Nicola had to dash and couldn't stay for prizegiving. She had finished just under a minute ahead of myself with the rather splendid time of 59.59. Gareth was a minute+ ahead of that. Andrew Crichton had won again - in fact the first few runners were all in much the same order as last year. Again, similarly, Porty won both team prizes: men - Gareth, me, Michael
ladies - Nicola, Ann H, Karen (who was delighted!)
Michael took first v40, I was first v50 (seventh time this year I have finished ahead of all the v40s.) and Janis was winner in her age group. (Although she was too busy putting on lip gloss in the showers to collect her prize!)

I stupidly set the Garmin going again in the car for a few seconds so have removed the extra stats. Distance on this one which I checked before getting into car was 9.9 miles. (Willie measured fractionally less and Steve less than that.) As you can see Michael made my last mile uncomfortably fast although the 30mph max came from the car, not the running. Many thanks to Dunbar for putting on this splendid event. There was a marshal and a big arrow at every corner and junction and even Nicola managed not to get lost although the course fairly weaves about. Massage, soup, tea and hot showers afterwards and Porty got most of the prizes. Excellent in every respect. Results up already here. (Thanks Mr Hay!)


  1. You tried to use Nicola as a windbreak? LOL

  2. I know - into the realm of chocolate fireguard.