Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Then vs Now

Exactly a year ago I made a video at Aberlady. In contrast to the current Siberian Spring, we were enjoying, if not a heat wave, at least a week of unseasonably warm weather. The coastal haar it produced fought with the sunshine to create a memorable day.

Instead of being out for a run I was out for a walk as my foot was in terrible shape. I had taken a few weeks away from running to let the Plantar Fasciitis ease and when I began the return I was scarily inept and could only jog for a few hundred yards. The warm week in March was followed, if memory serves, by a fairly poor Spring and the usual disappointing Summer. While the foot injury persisted I found ways to get out running without aggravating it, to the point where now, some 14 months after the lowest point, it seems to be ready for pretty much anything.

The 3 most important aids to my PF recovery were:
1/ Stretching: overly tight calves and legs create the tension that puts additional burden under the foot.
2/ Taping: gives support when running fast.
3/ Hoka shoes: reduce impact on foot (feet), with massive cushioning, protecting foot and legs.

I can't recommend these as a general panacea, all I can say is these things got me back running. Its good to bear in mind that even in the darkest days things can and do get better.

Here's what a hazy warm day looks like!


  1. Those midweek post-club posts are going to be full of tired grammar and spelling. You should have seen my packed lunch today.