Saturday, 2 March 2013

March on the Coast 2/03/13

This week has been almost Spring like. Cold temps but some welcome sunshine. Nearly took Thursday off to run with Roly and David in the Lammermuirs. Then nearly took Friday off early to run with Mary. Instead had the nose to the grindstone both days and then ran a ridiculous hilly sprinty session with Ally on Friday night in the dark starting on the Rad Rd, 7.30pm and getting worse.

Horatio and Hokas

Last thing at night, ran the idea of a short beachy 5 miler (7 miles really) past AGH and she hooked up early afternoon to catch the sunshine before it disappears for the next week. Lets hope those weather people have got that wrong as next weekend is going to be special and I'd rather it wasn't wall to wall rain.

The crocuses are out on the meadows.

I've been cycling to Colinton for work then rolling home at the end of the day. Sometimes don't even need the lights for the return journey. Papering and painting a bathroom there. Lots of chance for those Laurel and Hardy moments up the ladder, trying to place the paper on the ceiling and just using mental strength to hold it in place. But it's a small room. Its a small flat - so I carried the pasting table outside and soaked in the vit D while carrying in and out the short drops. Pretty much finished by Friday 6pm. Didn't eat from 2pm till 9 when I got home from the dark park. Ally is (less than) half my age so I let him take the lead. My headtorch was brighter.

Fat bike tyre treads

Enjoyed catching up with AGH today. She had been shopping in the lake district and had a new jacket and new Hoka shoes. Here are the photos. Dogs were well behaved, in as much as nothing was destroyed while they were in our company, although allegedly H does destroy bank accounts with his trips to the vet.

Ship ahoy!


  1. Once upon a time i would know who was where on each fatbike when you posted tracks on our coast Peter...
    So many here (23 sold fromLaw Cycles alone) it could be anyone!
    I see another Tree Troll has appeared!
    One day we will know the creator!

    Nice pics -:)


  2. 23 bikes is a lot of tyre tracks! We always assume its you or your pals.
    Had a great run yesterday as blogged. Into the dark - its amazing the difference the head torch run made. Normally we are fading on the last 2 miles into NB but in the dark it was all new and passed quickly as we looked for stuff to take photos of and dodged the waves. Have plans to do it again maybe next full moon - it might be fun combining a night run with a night ride!
    see you on the beach!