Sunday, 17 February 2013

e2nb 17/02/13

SUNSHINE. Fair restores a body. Which is just as well as I clambered out of bed this morning feeling like I'd been ridden hard and put away wet. Plans had changed from the PRC run to an offer of a run with Ben. I said let me know when you've finished work and Ben said it's his kids at a party in Edinburgh and he would run home after if I wanted to come along. Home is North Berwick and with the weather like it was today I was pleased to have a few hours of catch up along the coast. What could be better?

Actually I did wonder if it was a revenge set up. Last time Ben and I were out I was in better shape than himself. I wondered if he had put in the work and was now going to trash my Carnethy weakened body over marathon distance sticking in the boot then leaving me wrung out and half dead on the train platform. (As if there was a bad bone in Ben's body!) He agreed it would have been a good plan but shot himself in the foot by not leaving the party soon enough then having to sprint what he thought was 15 minutes to my house. It turned out to be 5 miles so he arrived sweating and only too happy to reduce things to chatting pace.

In a loose plan Mary had set off a few hours earlier to drive to NB and do our 18 miler gently and if our paths all crossed round about Ben's house around sundown that would be fine but I should carry a train fare just in case.

The great thing about chatting and running is the miles disappearing without noticing the effort. I had had time to mooch around the house then do a bit of stretching to coax my bones into limbering up enough to consider the 20-odd miles. By the time Ben arrived I had put a change of clothes and money and mobile into a small pack (no food, no drink) and, as stated, the pace was relaxed.

On the prom (dodging the families out enjoying the spring-like weather) we ran past Scott H out with his kids. (He had been on the Porty 16 earlier.) Shortly after, Moray P must have done the same and Scott let him know we were just ahead. Moray caught up and ran through Musselburgh with us. Great to catch up as he rarely makes club these days.

He is training for Paris Marathon and while following a specific schedule seemed to be less about striving for a pb and more about enjoying the process. Just after Foreman's we got a shout and wave from Tom, another, too long absent from club, who shouted something about returning to training sometime soon.

 Moray was swithering about NB but turned around at the power station. 

Which is around the point the beach views and scenery all start to improve. The sun was going down and it was a cracking afternoon. We ran to Aberlady and the Londis shop doing just under 16 in just under 2 hrs. The lady there serving us was full of smiles but didn't mention Mary had been there earlier the same afternoon. (She also had a pain-au-chocolate.) Ben was intrigued to learn that eating and drinking is an important part of the ultra training, and that we were allowed, nae, supposed to eat chocolate pastries and drink childrens' pop with lots of e numbers and caffeine to fire us up for the next part of the trip. Getting started again is always tough – and worse if you've raced the first 5 miles!

Rather than cross the bridge at Aberlady and run the beaches (it was 5pm) we decided to stick to the road and maybe get finished before nightfall. Mary called just as we were approaching Dirleton and we estimated it would be anything between 10 and 40 minutes to do the last 2 + miles. Ben had called Alison 30 miles into a 35 mile run recently then promptly crashed and regretted the I'll-be-with-you-in-no-time estimate.

I ran around 23miles, Ben 28. 

It was good to hear Mary had had a pretty positive run today after yesterday's race. We had a bit of a chat and a drink at B&A's then drove home where I was almost able to climb out the car unassisted. Then stood in the shower soaking till I could bend my legs. Not looking forward to tomorrow at work but it could be worse as MG is not heading back till tomorrow pm and had suggested a wee leg loosener in the am. In an unusually protestant moment I deferred. Thank the lord.


  1. Great day for it and nice photos - thought I might have passed you after Foremans?.....I was in the final (death) throes of the Tour de East Lothian.

  2. I was running with Moray and Ben at that point. Didn't see you but was full of chat and sun in my eyes etc!