Monday, 25 September 2017

more skyline, less pieline

Another weekend of skyline training. Pretty much the same story; hills, and slightly more than last time. Given the forecast said all the decent weather was earlier, (more lies) I made a special effort to rise early. But Hunter dragged her tired feet and it was 10.30am before we got parked up at Flotterstone. We drove to Hillend first but their car park was full so Flotterstone it was.

this chipper wee chap was belting out the not-so-dawn chorus

The formula usually goes along the lines of: Turnhouse, warm up and try to summit around 25mins; Carnethy and Scald Law, run whole ascents without slowing to a walk. Mary had had an extra coffee and coop homebake and seemed fired up. We pushed on slightly quicker than usual. 

passer by took our pic

pic of West Kip from S Black Hill

There were many people out on the hills enjoying the decent weather. Some say hello, others are head down and just ignore you. Often we feel there is a resentment from those plodding slowly that we are faster, lighter and frankly just better looking. However sometimes I go past people and forget to say a cheery hello just because I am busy working out the shopping list or who I must email urgently, so it's probably wrong to label those lost in thought as dour-faced pole-carrying killjoy overdressed heavy-booted fannies. A group who were the antithesis of this, and very ready to have a bit of fun, had come off West Kip and were blocking the path as we descended the Drove Road. Seeing me lolloping towards them they parted like the Red Sea and there was a mild ripple of applause, as I ran between them, which I acknowledged by raising my arms in line-crossing fashion. Seeing this going down well, they were even more audible for Mary coming through, and cheered and whooped like she had won the UTMB, giving her such a red face.

a horse!

This scene (above) was taken from a long way away heading up Hare Hill. How I interpret it is the 2 boys have just fought for the hand of the girl who is taking a photo of the victor while the other picks himself off the ground. Sure that's it.

I think Hare Hill is the least enjoyable of the skyline. It is the first point you are going to get wet feet and it is sploshy and lumpy and the path disappears into swamp and ankle twisting tussocks. A fellow hill runner caught up with us there, and then went way right to "a path". We descended nearer the "new route" this week and it was just as bad as last week doing the old route. The other runner gained 150 yards going longer but smoother. Something to bear in mind. At least this week I was wearing hill shoes for the thick black muddy single track going up Black Hill. It seemed slightly better than last week although I wasn't hungover this week.

pic of Harperrig Res. potential spot for open water swimming

back on dry land

The "other" runner had gone left towards the top of Bell's which is cheating. Also, yet another runner was up ahead, and we were gaining on him. He was descending fine but had lost his climbing legs along the way and we gained on him with each hill.

beetle retrieved from Mary's hair!

Threipmuir looking full

Bonaly Res. Trees might be good wind block if swimming?

There was some chat about these furry caterpillars on facebook, 
a lot of which have been spotted up Dumyat way.
I reckoned Fox Moth but have never seen the imagos.

I made a significant effort up Capelaw, catching the runner ahead, obliging me to continue running to the summit rather than just overtake and take a photo of him struggling. Although I then waited on Mary catching up. Which meant I couldn't then overtake him again going up Allermuir. Although there will be no such etiquette on race day.

Last time we contoured round Castlelaw.
This time we went up Allermuir then across to Castlelaw summit.

Which only added .3 of a mile (total 14.6miles) But added a couple more hills.
Leaving only Caerketton x 2, and Allermuir x 1 from being a full Skyline.

note top left - too relaxed?

netflix and chill?

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