Sunday, 12 February 2017

wisdom of crows

Right, falling behind on blogs so here's a quick catch up: 
2 weeks ago I seemed to survive a parkrun-and-30miler on Saturday followed by 3 hrs in the Pentos Sunday. However, after trying (and failing) to keep up with Rich L on Weds at clubbo my left glute was misbehaving and giving me jip. So I missed Thurs Wintervals. Went for a gentle recovery run up the Seat on Friday and talked to the crows about this and that. They suggested I was overdoing it. But what do they know?

Undaunted Mary and I went to the porty parkrun on Saturday which was deeply unpleasant - early start, windy conditions and generally eyeballs out for 3 laps of a twisty turny course, with a good prospect of hurdling kids in the 3rd lap and going into the Frigging Burn (I think that's its name). About 30secs down on the week before at Cramond. And Willie J went skooshing past with 100m to go. He hasn't done this in a few years and if I was a more generous person I'd say how great a spectacle it was to see Willie get some form back. But that wasn't what I was thinking at the time if memory serves. I am blaming my errant glute until anyone can prove otherwise. 

Mike - far too chipper!

usual suspects

After all that short fast stuff nice to drive to Gullane and do coffee, scones and photos along the coast. Above is a tennis oak in fruit.

The concentration displayed above is because I am trying to point the camera at the right angle to take a selfie in the distorting mirror. I know, it looks far worse.


usual deer in the usual place

This boat could almost be viewed in 2 ways - pointing towards the camera or away to Fife. Given the black cranes disappear behind the bulkhead it must be pointing towards us.

the sun came out briefly

Recently I enjoyed The Outrun, a novel by Amy Liptrot about her life in London and Orkney, mostly Orkney. She mentions the mystical and mostly invisible island of Heather Blether which I imagine looks much like the Isle of May hovering on the horizon and only just there.

Just around the car park at Yellow Craigs there was a splendid cawing in the trees as a large crowd of maybe 100 crows all shouted their good evenings to each other. Mary has a wee video on her blog here.

this was not them but others.

Also on Mary's blog note difference between her photos and mine: ie difference between TZ 35 and TZ 70. Are hers twice as good? Sharper certainly. Boat, deer and better skies.

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