Wednesday, 10 February 2016

the usual

Saturday; and because I was doing a long run Sunday and wouldn't see much of Mary, I let her choose the location and distance of the Saturday fun. She decided not to race at Dunbar (booo) and just for a change do a run at Gullane. Maybe about 10 miles. Steve (unsure about the Sunday option and swithering) came too.

Haven't had a toilet selfie in a while!

The sea was lovely and smooth and I asked M if it made her want to go in for a dip. However last year's submergathon still haunts Mary's swimbitions (or swimhibitions?) and we may need things to warm up considerably before getting into the wet suits again. The greyness of the sky wasn't very convincing either but generally it was nice enough for running and compared to recent high winds and heavy rain a pleasure to be out. Just not very inspiring.

I asked Steve more than once about his plans for Sunday. He said he was watching the forecast carefully. As it deteriorated I was glad we had had a fine wee run on Saturday and didn't expect to see him on the Peeble's bus next day. Can't remember any of the banter. Except some cheek I gave Mary as she made an unusually less-than-perfect job of the parking, back in Leith. "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the cars."

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