Wednesday, 4 November 2015

awesome autumn

Given today's rather dreich weather it is difficult to believe that yesterday was nearly a summer's day. Or at least it was up the Pentlands. I got the tip off after seeing photos on Monday of Kathy and Neil biking in the sunny Pentlands while the rest of us toiled in the mist of the Forth valley. I'm having some of that thought I, if the weather stays similar on Tuesday. It did and I did. Totally glorious. Jumped on the bike and cycled to Bonaly for around midday. As I was cycling up to the Scout Camp car park I stopped to take the establishing shot of sunlight and and autumnal colours (above) and had to step off the road as Andrew G came past on his bike. 

I didn't have a route plan but wanted to get shots of turning leaves as well as going up a couple of hills for the views. I took the non-direct line through the trees right of the path up to Bonaly Reservoir and continued that line to climb through the trees surrounding the reservoir, then headed up Harbour Hill. There were a lot of dew covered spiders webs, tricky to photograph because as the sun lit on them the dew disappeared and so did they. 

I took the larger Lumix G3 camera, which I hadn't had out for ages. It was great to use apart from lack of panorama mode which meant taking several shots (as above) and stitching them together afterwards which is a pain. And I still haven't invested in a longer lens so no stuff in the far distance. But the light was so amazing you couldn't go wrong. There were a few dog walkers and ramblers out there and everyone I ran past said how amazing the day was with a huge smile.

I was surprised by the amount of insects out and about. The sunlight here picks them out against the shadow of the hill. I shot some video with the camera low on a tripod and the amount of bugs and flies hopping and flying in front of the lens, I didn't see at the time, was impressive. It really was more like Summer than November. 

I went across the walkway at the pumping station then up the hill through this ^ stand of trees and over to Harlaw. 

I love the colours in this shot, the epitome of Autumn

comet strike black hill

Just an outstanding day. (I was on the hills for 3hrs although probably only running for 2). The last couple of months from late September to early November have been brilliant - mild and sunny with dazzling foliage. Normally we would be bracing ourselves for horizontal sleet, not putting on sunglasses. Compensation for a dull Summer. It does seem to be on the way out though with bad weather moving in this week - and those who didn't get an entry for Glenogle 33 at the weekend may be feeling they got off lightly!


  1. What a fab day out! Great pics and writing Peter!

  2. Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing