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Porty Beach Race 7/06/15

In recent years our previously lacklustre 4 mile road race has been transformed into a rather splendid 4 mile beach race. Today with the sun shining and a very jolly atmosphere along the prom and beach, the event was fabulous. Both the kids and the adults race were well attended and for once spectators and competitors alike enjoyed the beach setting for a properly summery race. Not that it was anywhere near too warm. A stiff breeze ensured the first stretch was a battle into the wind however after the turn near Seafield we had the wind on our backs for most of the rest. 

Hang on I forgot the kids event. Everyone (except myself) seemed to work well together to make both events run very smoothly. I usually manage to avoid most of the heavy lifting by pretending to be the official photographer, however I may have lost that post to Luke who did a superb job of capturing both races and all the Porties helping out. I have nicked some of his photos of the adults event by way of saying thanks. Meanwhile here are some pics of the fun run. Note the boys leading on the way out and the girls leading on the way back.

Great to have Bob along as well.

first girls

first boys

"The B of the Bang" to quote Luke who took these excellent photos of the start.

photo Luke McAdam

I have only run once since the marathon - on Thursday evening I did intervals on Arthur Seat and felt surprisingly spritely considering my legs were very trashed on Monday and Tuesday after the marathon. That event seemed to have toughened me up rather than broken me down and by Thursday I was going ok. However my system wasn't quite recovered from the weekend and I promptly went down with a cold. One day of very bad throat, one day of very runny nose and I hope to be well for this coming week's excitement. Probably shouldn't have been running and I was glad there wasn't the usual (Dunbar-ish) competition.

David meant business from word go. I had the good sense not to try and keep up.
photo Luke

Luckily it had been spotted there might be congestion issues around the Espy with tables and chairs set out on the prom and dogwalkers, cyclists and promenaders all potential hazards for 90 runners heading towards them at speed. The answer was to take us off the prom and onto the beach early. It was well marshalled and we all followed David over the soft sand onto the wet hard sand then aimed for Seafield (through the Figgate Burn) an awful  l-o-n-g way in the distance. The wind was fierce. I was in a pack of 4 or 5 and we swapped around places taking turns into the wind and turns drafting behind each other. I turned in fifth place and hoped David had made sufficient distance to keep HBT Dave in second. It certainly looked that way although Mr Wright, at the turn, set off after him in brisk fashion. 

Thanks to Bob for the photos.
Set here

Having the wind behind us for the long return leg was a boon, although it's still a slog over a couple of miles of wet sand. The person ahead in fourth was pulling away and seemed uncatchable, but equally the person behind was getting more distant as well. Head down and stomp. Nice sunny day and the encouragement of Porties marshalling cheering us on. Lovely!

Excellent image of David winning by Shery.

Then up onto the prom at the Joppa end and a short sprint (almost a sprint, on the remainder of my legs) and over the line. Pleased to finish 5th and first m50, a minute ahead of first m40. My time this year was slower than last by 1.20 which was probably the wind and the extra beach-instead-of-prom section. And not because I am an old duffer. Hell no. Very well done to David sustaining a massive lead and winning (esp on the back of an impressive parkrun yesterday.)

photo Shery.

Great photo by Shery

This was the photo I took at the same time - Ian's hair being "borrowed" by Steve.

photo Luke

Big thanks and well done to everyone who organised, marshalled, brought homebakes and did the results and posted them online same evening.

Results and more photos: PRC website

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