Thursday, 23 April 2015

almond - icing on the cake

After a totally fab run on Saturday, Mary suggested we do the Airport Run as recovery on Sunday. Up the River Almond from Cramond and round a square at the boundary of the airport, then back down the Almond. It can be quite overgrown on the riverside path so I wasn't very keen. But when we got there the paths were clear of shrubs and weeds and it was an excellent 7miler in perfect conditions. The icing on the cake of the weekend.

Parked just behind the Cramond Inn.

After running up the Almond turn right to cross the small bridge towards the Cramond Brig Hotel but then sharp left through the lower carparky area and stay this side of the river as it ducks under the motorway. From there we run up the right side before crossing the Grotto Bridge and continuing up the left hand side until you come to the railway bridge on the airport boundary.

The place was carpeted in wild garlic which filled the air with it's perfume.

Often this path can be muddy and overgrown and you find yourself stepping cautiously through insect infected weeds and brambles - "biters and scratchers" as Mary calls them. However the dirt trail is dry and hard-packed and the foliage is well trimmed back. And the sunshine made it perfect running.


This bridge marks the airport boundary. Turn left up to the road.

Mary says I should stop doing this as it is undignified. I think she should be proud that I can levitate and take a photo at the same time when some of my contemporaries are using mobility scooters to haul their fat arses to the pub to buy fags. Now that IS undignified.

Turning left onto the "main" road for half a mile before dropping back to the riverside paths. This section features in the CAAC 5mile race.

Back towards the river. At the river turn right and follow back downstream.

Glorious run, highly recommended while the path is in great condition.

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  1. Your powers of levitation are truly awesome; but even better are your (and Mary's?!) Powers of photography- great photos as ever