Sunday, 4 January 2015

more beach

Having missed out on the joys of the Promathon and dook, Michael G came along for a wee run and jump in the sea today. It was great to catch up and set the world to rights. And the weather was pretty cool. I mean cold. But bright! Sun blazing all morning. It was lovely and warm; and then we got out the van.

Went for a modest 6 miler at chatting pace.

note: tide out

note tide half in
Now we have noticed this happening before. The tide appears out at one point but a mile later seems half way up the beach. Until this photo we had assumed it was just the tide having been out at the weekend getting drunk and ending up on a Sunday morning all over the place. However this photo, a rather ropey panorama, clearly shows a big dip over to the right which would make all the water run up the beach at Gullane, where the tide was patently in.

This dude showed us all up going in with only a swim cap to keep him warm. I gave Michael my previously useless gloves and socks as some protection against the cold, though they're pretty crap. The good thing about this was he looked a bit like a Mexican Wrestler. Unfortunately he didn't wear the hood which would have completed the outfit. 

Mary was pleased to report her new wetsuit off the internet was quite a bit warmer than the previous one. I think we are now just about tooled up enough to attempt the channel crossing.


note: tide well in.
Michael went for the run in fast method.

I was trying to operate the camera from within oil-rig welders gloves so missed the best bit but here he is surfacing again with a look of pleasure at just how unexpectedly warm it is.

That'll be the thumbs up...

before a hasty exit. Top marks, it was NOT warm.

Nice full moon!

Wrapped up well. I just have to keep my face out the water and it is possible to stay in for oh about 15 minutes. Today was the first day in a while I have felt "warm" enough to swim out beyond my depth. Also I was trialling flippers which is like attaching a small outboard motor to yourself. Cheating? Yes thanks! But it also makes walking about almost impossible and I fell over in knee deep water as soon as I went in.

Mary going into the light.

Another fabulous day to end the holidays.

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  1. Seen the old boy with the Boxer a few times at Gullane swimming, pproper hardcore!