Sunday, 19 October 2014

sole lost at sea

Sunday, and after too much dithering we eventually hit the beach in time for sundown and another twilight zone swim. The wind was strong, the surf was, well if not up, was a bit choppy and the overall effect was disorientating but really lively. Swimming was almost impossible.

We arrived at Gullane car park as, or after most folk were leaving. Now if there's only 8 cars in the car park why, WHY would you park in the middle of them? Chances are I am going to be pointing my hairy arse in the air while changing and if we are not RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the folk eating their chips and watching the sunset then nobody's evening will be ruined. What? it's too far to the beach from the empty side of the car park. You know I ran 30 miles yesterday? Given all that, there is no point in trying to argue for a more aesthetic part of the beach in which to swim. Lets just jump in the nearest, wettest bit of sea because this activity is about submerging, not taking photos, not enjoying the ambience, not having the best part of the day, just getting in the wa.... hey the heel of my shoe just came off in the roaring surf and as I turned round to pull it back on the shoe flipped off and it doesn't float. The surf is opaque and full of sand I can't see my shoe in the 20" deep water and I reach around and it is gone. It will be just there but it's no longer mine. The sea just stole my shoe. Bastard. £7 from Lidl - lost at sea. £3.50 Mary says. What, I'm going to continue wearing just the one to get my money's worth? Maybe I will. Hopping mad.

Mary (wetsuited) ran around the beach to warm up as a warm down while I shuffled around the receding tide looking for my drowned shoe. No sign. Bummer. The wind was still blowing hard, and getting undressed and dressed in the car park next door to the couple eating chips was not the best part of the day.

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